Never in Bars!

Log out before it’s too late! Your life will be wasted! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia, Romania, and Vietnam 😉

“She is crazy! I never expected that to happen. I thought that I was in love, and that she was my other half. I spent a fortune on her drinks and her sickness, but I am not appreciated. She wants more all the time. This is not the life I was looking for, what should I do?”Bars3

Why are you surprised? What else did you expect of a girl that you met in a bar and was an addict? Did the darkness of the bar blind your eyes? Or the music made you more drunk?

The rule is that you will never meet the right spouse for you in a bar!

because such an unbelievable turnaround in fortune is indeed the stuff of fairy tale. Truth be told, if you’re looking for romance, then a bar is a terrible place to start. Fret not—the world doesn’t quite end right at the bar…… More 

Heidi said that she was not sure who spread the word that bars were the place to meet nice people. In the Bay area, many young people were somehow  deceived by the idea that they would meet the love of their life in a bar.Image result for sibling talk

Unfortunately, this is not true!

Bars are not social clubs or fitness spots where you can meet nice sober people. Bars are places for wasted people who want to drink to forget about their pains, or people who are addict to the drink and they can’t quit that habit.

They are not necessarily bad people, because you can’t judge people by appearance. Seeing someone in a bar does not mean that that person is a regular visitor of that bar. May be it was the first time, and may be she was deceived by the rumors that she would meet her other half there.

But still, if she was that naïve she would be going to that bar one time, and that was it. However, if she was every day in that bar, it’s completely different situation. And yes, there are girls and boys that keep going to bars for new adventure, jut to have a good time. 

Think about it when you are sober: is it really the place I want to go to? Why? Be honest with yourself. Come on! If you’re not honest with yourself, who else you would be honest  to? Talk to your mom or dad. Speak loudly about it. If you had siblings, ask them their opinion if you were close enough (normal families have close siblings).

Do not waste your life. Your life is precious. You need to live your life and enjoy it. If your life lacks enjoyment, it is not life. It’s hell. 

There’s no excuse for you to harm yourself or your feelings. Love for the wrong people always turns out to be the mistake of your life. Get yourself out of that vicious circle, and restore your good life- your happy life without any miserable addicts.

Until we talk again, stay away from bars. Not the right place for nice people. There are plenty of other great places to visit, see, and explore. Be sober and fit with our hugs and kisses

. Never Spouse.

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