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It is illegal to buy a car and try to return it after few days. Some people think it is OK to do that.

Yes, it is so long as the seller agreed with you on that, but it is not required by law to give you this opportunity, unless the sale took place in a temporary location, not the main facility of the business.

There is a term called “Cooling-off” that can be applicable for certain purchases, which includes the ability to return your merchandise within three days of your purchase. However, the rule applies to sales at the buyer’s home or workplace, at facilities rented by the seller on a temporary basis, or at locations otherwise away from the seller’s normal retail location.d1316-quimerascooter1

There is plenty of consumers laws that many never heard of, and this “Cooling-off” rule is one of the federal laws in the US. Sometimes good businesses do not mind the return of the refund. Of course each situation is different. For example, if the product was defective not like if the product was broken by the customer.

Normally it is good to know what is legal and what is illegal, but because there are too many laws and rules, sometimes you get lost in-between all of that.

Your best bet is to ask and to write down what you feel suspicious about, if it was a huge purchase, although usually big buys have too many papers that would take you forever to read. They are like some legal puzzles, which are written in a very tiny font,  to force you, in a way, not to read them; in other words, to give up on your rights.

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