When you snipe at someone and your first time failed, never worry, there’s always a second attempt! 😉 Welcome back our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, France, Australia, the UK, India, Finland, Brazil, Denmark, Qatar, Japan, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and Russia! 😉

Can we interpret dreams? It all depends on you. If you are convinced that your dreams have a special meaning and that it’s important to know the meanings that SophieDreamsthey held, go ahead and have a consultation appoint with a dream reader, or borrow a book for dreams’ Interpretation and read what the symbols you see in your dreams mean.

There has been an interesting article claiming that there is 14 common dreams that you should make yourself familiar with, in case you had one of these dreams.

The worst kinds of nightmares, as mentioned by Berkeley psychologist, were those which are repeatedly happen to some people, with no obvious reason.

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