Enjoy Life, 1Zumba!

Thank you for reading our posts, and welcome for coming back again for more enjoyment. The US, Serbia, Canada, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Montenegro, n Croatia readers & friends, we are blessed to have you with us. 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, we Image result for happy hobbieshad a fantastic Grit class, so thank you Jennifer. You were extremely encouraging, and I hope I can make that jump one day, haha!

Today, Lily, 1Zumba friend, asks about how to enjoy life. It’s simple question. It’s answer is straightforward, but has some details. Probably every person would have his/her own perspective, but the goal is the same, which is to enjoy life.

I think we talked Related imagebefore about something similar, but not exactly the same. Anyway, we have few tips for Lily. You can make use of them as well, if you don’t know them.

The very first step is your well-being. You need to be in shape mentally, emotionally, and physically, in order to enjoy life. Mentally, the best way is to manage your stress level, by having a hobby that you like, so that you can get to do it, if you ever felt that you are under stress. 

You can also learn Image result for happy hobbiesa new skill, to focus your attention on something you like, away from thinking about the reasons of the stress you have. There is many ways to control and manage any irritations, that might be caused by work conditions, or financial problems.

Most of the time the key is that to divert your attention from the subject which is causing the stress, and focus it on something else that you like.

Emotionally, youImage result for happy hobbies can make new friends, or try to meet with people, in a gym, a library, a club, a school, or any other source of meeting people, talking to others, listen to other’s life matters. This will give you an emotional support, without  realizing it.

Physically, you need to eat healthy, sleep well, do everything that would keep your body in a good shape. Taking care of your body, is similar to having maintenance to your car. The care cannot go forever without taking care of its oil, it has to be changed every certain number of miles, so is your body! 😕

Image result for happy hobbies

I don’t mean that you need to change the oil for your body, haha! I mean that you need to have your check-ups done periodically, and as recommended by your physician. It’s a serious matter, be committed to your body care.

Break time, guys! But we will talk some more in a moment. With our love

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