1Zumba New Zealand!

Thank you & welcome to our site. Our special greetings go to the US, Canada, Serbia, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, n Portugal 😉

Alessandro Bianco

Hi 👋 Sophie, thank you very much for your friendship and many greetings from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Ciao Alessandro

  •  BiancoIt really changed my life and my daughters used it too one of them had depression problems and now after only 2 weeks of using mastermind she is ok that’s why I’m so passionate about this product..

  • Sophie Essay

    Is this a business?

    Are you the owner? 

  •  Alessandro Bianco

    No the owner (I wish haha) I’m an affiliate And if people go in the business or just customers Is all good to me because both products and pay plan are at the top of the market

    Sophie Essay

    That’s excellent

    So where do you live?

    What do you do for living?

  • Alessandro Bianco

    Auckland New Zealand 🇳🇿 Myself and for daughters living with me. I have a driving school business drive2pass.co.nz

  •  Alessandro Bianco

    And I’m an affiliate of Allysian sciences take.allysian.com

  • Great!

    What’s your hobbies or interests?

  •  Alessandro Bianco

    Even my 18hrs old daughter (the oldest of the 4) She is an affiliate of Allysian sciences 😊 The products are really incredible/unique

  •  Sophie Essay

    Girls go to school?

    What grades are they in? 

  •  Alessandro Bianco

    Very busy as solo daddy obviously Jannyne 18 Antonella 16 Alessandra 14 and Jezzabella 9 are my four beautiful angels

    I like marrieds arts /opera music.

    Engagement Rings Gemstone Rings Gemstone Earrings

    Year 13 year 12 year 9 year 4 All very very good at school 😊👍 Jannyne got scholarship for university next year (Architecture)

    jezzabella is New Zealand 🇳🇿 judo champion (under 33kg) Alessandra silver medal 🎖 New Zealand championships (under 55kg)

  •  Sophie Essay

    Oh! You’re doing a great job!


  •  Alessandro Bianco

    Not easy ..I try

    Never give up ! Haha 😂

  •  Sophie Essay

    Of course, I understand! Kids need a lot, but you did it!

    You must be so proud of them 🙂 

  • Alessandro Bianco

    Littman JewelersAnd a lot of patience and believe me the “Mastermind ” has helped us a lot ! Allover after The separation with my wife …

    – Benefits of Being an Allysian Sciences Affiliate Our Co-Founder Rod Jao with a new affiliate.
    Rod Jao
  • Sophie Essay 

    How did you come to do business with them?

    What brought the idea to you? 

  • Alessandro Bianco:

    Always interested about health products natural organic vegans did a lot of research analysing And comparing even pay plans of other MLM Companies ..and advised too by friends that are in the same industry for about 20yrs…

  • No I don’t let people to “convince me” 😊 I go though knowledge, try products first and looking for advise with people /friends that they were in the same industry/different companies much longer then myself , I was a personal trainer too always interested in knowing more about natural products ..

  • Hi 👋 there,

    “Energy renovation methods ” Well so interesting to me .. every day we need to renew our mental /physical and spiritual energy we need it to face the stress coming from work/studies /training ..

    Entertainment industry..? Not really fastest growing is definitely health Products network marketing = 1 trillion $ for next 10years projection

    TV 📺? Just a waste of time and brain .., Reading 📖 good exercise, it relaxes your mind , Learning process

    – What would you like to see in our website: http://1Zumba.com ?

    Life, Fitness, Losing Weight, & Zumba

    – Have you gone through our topics list? Which topic attracted your attention more than others? Why?

    – What would you like to see on our website is the last closing question for you.


    Regarding the topics , I love real estate topics . It’s a great topic though I think it should be a more international topic including other countries besides the USA. Natural health is another one of my interests. Things Including things like Zumba, nature and healthy living.

    Closing our session, we would like to thank Bianco for sharing all this great information with us, and wishing him all the best.SOUL

    With our love & greetings for all of you, and until we talk again, be kind to each other ❤


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