Mirjana, 1Zumba Vojvodina!

Welcome to our post, or shall I say our world?! Thank you for the US, Canada, chile, Czech Republic, Thailand, Estonia, & Turkey 😉

My 1Zumba friend, we’re adding one new Star to our 7000 SuperStars. This time she is from the beautiful Vojvodina city. Let’s start our journey with Mirjana!

  • Sophie Essay11/29, 5:15pm, Sophie Essay

    Hi Mirjana,

    Anela recommended you for having an interview, with the 7000 SuperStars, 1Zumba.com
    Mirjana Vavan Zumba11/30, 12:08am, Mirjana Vavan Zumba

    Hi Sophie. As for me, I can immediately join you  I am glad we have the opportunity to get to know through the interview. What and how does it work? I’m very excited about this whole situation.  

  • Sophie Essay11/30, 12:55pm, Sophie Essay

    Great! As a start, I will ask you to introduce yourself to our readers. Best wishes 🙂  🙂

  • Mirjana Vavan Zumba12/1, 3:42am, Mirjana Vavan Zumba

    Sounds Great!  Let’s start

    Hi everyone! My name is Mirjana and I live in a beautiful city in Vojvodina called Novi Sad. Novi Sad was chosen for the Capital of Culture for 2021. You have to go around, it really is wonderful and has a lot to offer. The rich Vojvodina cuisine, cultural attractions, museums, theaters, and rich nightlife. It is a lively city.

    Since childhood, I love to sing and dance and my free time I spend with headphones in my ears, coming up with new choreography and ideas. My peace and stress relief are in dancing. People say for me that I am a positive person who was always smiling, in good spirits, energetic and cheerful spirit.

    I’m married with a wonderful man who supports me in all the ideas that I imagine. Sometimes it’s crazy ideas but with his support, together we can achieve them.

    I am also a parent of a teenager and it takes a lot of energy for that. But at the end of the day, all these are bittersweet. I graduated in law in 2011 and work in the profession. It’s my full time job.

    I`m in Zumba® family since 2012 and since then I have every day more in love in this type of fitness. I am a Zumba® instructor since 2013, and I enjoy my work. I teach 7 classes per week and 2 of them are Zumba® kids. I met so many wonderful people, traveled in many MASTERCLASS and experienced a lot of nice new things. I created wonderful memories. Zumba® is my hobby and i really love it, it completes me. 

  • Mirjana Vavan Zumba12/1, 3:44am, Mirjana Vavan Zumba

    I’m a little spread introductory part, but I hope that you will be able to take something for the interview. 

  • Sophie Essay12/1, Sophie Essay

    Wow! It’s great! The longer the better, we can have more than one post if we needed to. Our next questions:


    – Have you read any of our posts in 1Zumba.com? If Yes, which one you liked the most?

    There is a topic list link on the side where you can go through the titles, and choose few of them. I mean if you haven’t been there before 🙂 🙂 I’m sure you did. 

    – What words usually grab your attention more than any other words?

    – Your English is excellent, where did you learn it?

    I’ll continue after you gave me answers for this. Thank you. 🙂 🙂 

  • I suggest Sara Savic (fb her profile named Sara Jazz) . She was my Zumba instructor when I started with Zumba® training as student.

    The energy that she produced in trainings was positively addictive. I can say that she is one of the reasons I fell in love with Zumba® Fitness.

    Also, I suggest Ivana Dizdar, Valentina Murtin, Milorad Todorovic and Aleksandar Vodjevic. They are great instructors, each with it’s own special energy that spices the atmosphere at the trainings or MASTERCLASSES.   

    Yes, I read the posts on 1zumba.com the most I like interviews with instructors from around the world. Meet someone (even virtually via the Internet) is a great thing.

    To hear their story, become familiar with the culture and the place where they came from and learn new things about Zumba colleagues is an experience that complements every day and every new acquaintance. To know that there are people with whom you share the same passion for dance, fitness, humanitarian actions such as Party in pink and Zumbathon’s® great to know.

    Words that grab my attention… Hm… Let it be HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, SMILE. I think that all this words carries with it a dose of success in any work that choose to deal with. It is important to believe in yourself, respected colleagues you work with, to love what you do and to do it with a smile. This is a formula for success.

    As for my English, I learn it from childhood. I had it as a subject in primary school, then in high school and in college. By getting to know people from different parts of the world and communicating with them, in this way perfecting my language.

    I have many friends who are from abroad, with whom communicate via emails, messenger and Skype.

    In English of course  I’m also part of ZIN ™ mentoring program, so, and in this way I improve my pronunciation and writing. I think I’m going well 🙂

    I look forward to more questions. This is very exciting  

  • Sophie Essay,5:27pm , Sophie Essay

    Wow this is quite interesting. Why don’t you tell us more about the ZIN mentoring program? Where? When? Why? How? Who? 🙂

    • Mirjana Vavan Zumba

      When the Zumba® announced a notice that it starts with a new vision of training and development of skills for the ZIN instructors I find this very interesting. I researched what it is about and wanted to become a part of it.

      Mentoring program includes mentors and mentee. Both must be ZIN members. Mentors are in charge to assist the mentee in difficulties with their skills, to help them reach their goals, to successfully compile a playlist for training, successfully communicating with students at the Zumba Training and a lot of other things that they mentee asks for help.

      “The goal of the ZIN™ Mentoring Program is for an experienced ZIN™ Member, acting as a mentor, to provide the ZIN™ mentee(s) assistance in preparing the skills needed to confidently teach a Zumba® class.” (taken from zumba.com) Everything happens online.

      At the beginning of the program Zumba assigned 1-3 mentee per each mentor and then starts communication between the mentor and mentee. Mentor must be a ZIN ™ Member in good standing for at least 2 years with a lot of experience to be able to use their experience and skills transferred to the other. And so my journey began as a Mentor ..

      I am currently working with a mentee, and I really enjoy it. The fact that I helped someone come off the training and inflame a great atmosphere using my advice is truly priceless. Mentoring program lasts eight weeks and after this period, the mentor meets with the new mentee. I love this program because it allows meeting new people and their ideas.

      I am very friendly person as you might You’ll notice that the previous rows.  I think that is a real treasure to have many friends who will brighten up in different ways and enrich your day, week and life.

      I would like to answer the question why I decided to become a Zumba instructor? Zumba classes I started for fun. I love dancing, and I thought it was the right thing for me. I attended training 3 times a week with the instructor (Sara Savic) who was constantly smiling and been so positive that her good energy transmitted to all practitioners in the hall. And it felt good. When we found out that my mother is suffering from cancer for me was a real shock. The disease progressed rapidly and soon she was unable to do daily tasks and functions, depended on us, her family.
      At that time, working on my primary job, raising children and taking care of the household, I had to worry also about her. For me, that was a very stressful period. I continued to go to Zumba classes. After each difficult and stressful day Zumba was my therapy. At that hour I was switched off from the world around me, switched off the brain to not think about the problems and just get lost in the music and enjoying the positive energy that ruled in training. At that hour, I was happy. Nobody at the Zumba class did not know my problems, I was smiling and be happy just like everyone else.
      So I thought: How many people just come to Zumba class to escape from problems, to relax and enjoy the music? How many of them are struggling with this or that problem and we have no idea about that? How many have found their psychological salvation at Zumba class? So i decided to become instructor. To share positive energy, smiles and strength.
      That directly or indirectly help someone to deal with problems and to come out from all stronger and better. We never know what is lurking in all of us, what we are dealing in daily life. Someone may have left a partner, someone may get fired at work, someone has lost his favorite sweater …
      You never know whose life you changed with your smile and positive attitude. My Zumba instructor changed my life and that she probably did not even know.

    • Mirjana Vavan Zumba12/3, 1:30am, Mirjana Vavan Zumba

      Sometimes from bad situation can grow beautiful things like mine Zumba instructor career.

    It has been a pleasure to meet with Mirjana. She’s been a wonderful company, very ready to engage, which is a very good quality. We are thankful for all the information she gave us, and for sharing all her personal life experiences. 

    We wish you all the best Mirjana. Keep in touch, so that we can have another interview with you. Probably next time, you will be our host, instead of our guest.

    Kisses & hugs ❤



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