Solar One More Time, 1Zumba!

Welcome everyone! It’s great to chat with you today, one more time. Thank you readers and friends from the US, Honduras, New Zealand, Serbia, & Bosnia & Herzegovina 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, one of my students asked about the solar energy previous topic, saying why didn’t we have enough materials about the solar energy in that post, because the previous post was talking about other subjects as well, and not completely focused on solar energy by itself. 💡

Therefore, we decided to elaborate some more about solar energy, and this time with more concentration on the solar energy as a sole subject matter for this post. I hope you would be happy Igor. 

What is solar energy?
The energy the Earth receives from the sun, primarily as visible light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. (See renewable resource.) Note: The term solar energy often refers to processes that use this energy to generate heat or electricity for human use. 

Who discovered solar energy?
Related imageSolar panel history. In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photo-voltaic effect,

which explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight. He claimed that “shining light on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would create an electric current.”

Why solar energy is good?
Solar energy is a good alternative to replace fossil fuel as the major energy source because solar power is renewable at absolutely no cost to supply energy infinitely. The world pollution is getting worse. Any effort that can reduce the pollution to the environment helps to save the earth.

Many additional reasons, why we are advised to get solar energy, such as:

  • Environmentally Efficient
    Unlike conventional power, Image result for environmentally efficientsolar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It’s a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun.
  • Solid Home InvestmentIt’s fair to say that many of the home improvements that you will make won’t add quite the equal value to your house as the money that you put into them.  Solar energy, on the other hand, will save you money from your energy bill each month.
    In addition, the investment that you make in solar, will add its exact property value–or more–to your home, should you decide to sell it later on.
  • Make Money
    Some states, the Renewable Portfolio Standard requires electricity suppliers to secure a portion of their electricity Image result for making money from solarfrom solar generators. Rather than investing in systems of their own, in applicable states this has resulted in what is called an SREC market.

    Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) are created for every megawatt-hour of solar electricity created. So if your system is consistently generating more energy than you are consuming, you have the opportunity to sell that energy back at a premium.

  • Durable
    Solar panels have no moving parts,Image result for making money from solar and so are not damaged easily.  This lowers the chance for an interruption in service.

    All solar panels are exhaustively tested to ensure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions, such as hail and heavy snowfall.

    Every solar panel used by skilled installers such as 1st Light is guaranteed to be as strong or stronger than your roof itself.

  • 24/7  Generated Energy
    One of the many myths about solar power involves perceived limitations on the energy-generating potential of solar panels. Solar energy is generated from daylight, not sunlight. So even on cloudy, rainy days, your panels will be working to produce energy. All that energy accumulates in the morning and afternoon hours, the whole time that the sun is up, producing more electricity than you can use.

    10 Reasons to Go SolarCurrently, all solar energy providers keep you connected to the grid. So any excess energy is pushed back onto the grid, actually causing your utility meter to spin backward, crediting your account. Then, in the evening hours, you will be using the credited energy from the meter. This excess energy does not expire and is similar to rollover minutes with your telephone company.

It is such a long subject to talk about, but the bottom line is that it is useful to have a solar system, if you have a home, with a roof that does not generate any money for you.

We will have a quick break, and come back to you shortly. Hugs & kisses ❤

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