A Student’s Opinion!

Very or really interesting when it comes to scientific discoveries, and how some become totally into the new potential benefits, while others see it as a threat. First welcome back to our pages dear friends from the US, Philippines, India, and Ireland 😉

Second, we’re talking about energy and how hard to know the truth about discoveries that did not reach the normal people. Few years ago the University of Utah electro-chemists Stanley Pons and M. Fleischmann announced that they were able to produce energy out of water, after running a certain experiment.

Their announcement was like a dream for many researchers who sought an inexpensive source of energy that is produced from highly abundant materials and that produced  no polluting by-products. But despite subsequent reports of partial successes elsewhere, it was said that most chemists and physicists around the world were unsuccessful in their hurried efforts to reproduce the unexpected results.Image result for electro-chemists Stanley Pons and M. Fleischmann discovery

Within few months, the concept had relegated. Many advocates of cold fusion gathered from all over the world for the first annual conference, which had no real media coverage. In the meantime, there were a number of conclusions, which should be carefully examined by the specialists in this field, among them was the following:

  • Some new evidence has accumulated during the last year supporting the reality of cold fusion, particularly from the US Dep. of Energy laboratories.

  • Most observers outside the field are still not ready to accept that evidence.

  • Another year or two is going to be necessary for cold fusion to be either vindicated or discredited.

Some of my students were talking about the possibility that it was something similar to electric vehicles when they first came up, or like solar energy when there was not too many convinced of its usefulness, except after many years as of its discovery. We thought that it might be useful to throw some light on that discovery, probably it would find the right ears which would make the utmost out of it 🙄

We’d love to hear your feedback. Stay around catching up with our special posts.

With our love and hugs

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