Zin Dario, 1Zumba Honduras!

Thank you dear readers, friends, & students for reading our words, and reacting to it. Welcome folks from the US, Honduras, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Australia 😉

We have a new SuperStar today. He is an open book, smart, quick, & extremely helpful. When we asked him to help with the translation to one of our 1ZumbaCircles Group, he instantly replied, offering his immediate full-cooperation, which was an extremely wonderful indication of how ready and assertive he was.

Our newly-born SuperStar’s name is Zin Dario Figueroa. He will introduce himself to you, during that interview which took place, the night he responded to our online ad. for translation needs. 

  • Conversation started Saturday
  • Zin Dario Figueroa, 12/3, 7:18pm, Zin Dario Figueroa

    Hi how are you

    I speak Spanish its my language can i Help you?
  • Sophie Essay, 12/3, 7:21pm, Sophie Essay


  • Zin Dario FigueroaWhat do u need friend

    Sophie EssayWould you like to host one of our interviews with another member? Since I only speak English.

  • Yes i can, when do you wanna do it?

  • Sophie EssayIf you wish to have an interview with us, it will be great, too 🙂

  • Zin Dario FigueroaNice thanks


  • Where do you live?

  • Im from Honduras in Central América

  • Wow! So what language in Honduras?

  • Spanish

  • Great! How you normally introduce yourself to people?

  • Well i think, i cant say to the people “im this way or this”, i prefer the people meet and talk with me and know me in person, to make his own impression about me. But it u ask me personal how i define me im a really social guy, really happy person, Love Help people and give Zumba classes.

  • Sophie Essay

    -So what do you do for living other than Zumba classes?

    – What kind of colors do you prefer?

    – Do you have a family?

    – What’s the most famous place in your country/city?

    – How is the standard of living in your country?

    – What does $1 buy?

    – What is the most common commercials on TV?

     – Do people watch a lot of TV?
     – How about you?
     – Pls add the reason after each question.
     – Is there a question that you’d like me to ask you?
  • Well, I’m a professional Dancer and choreographer i give classes of a lot rhythms

    My favorite color its yellow (like the Coldplay song jejeje) and u Love to use combine with royal blue.

    Yes i have a family (mom, dad, and 2 Sis Married with childs 2 nephews and 2 nieces one of one each) im single and live alone, i dont have my own family but with my parents, and Sis and Hers familys and soooo good jejeje and a future i want to have my own home

    The more famous place in my country well we have 2 : Copan Ruinas ( a mayan civilization ruins so beautiful and interesting) and Islas de la bahía (Bay islands a átate in my country its a paradise with beautiful beachs and a lot of fun) You can fing and see them on Google maps

    My country has a capital government, so life here is fine. It’s a third world country and I try to make a difference and influence people’s way of thinking positively, because culturally leaves a lot to be desired,.

    But in general my country has many good things, delicious foods and many good people, the Delinquency is still a problem here but I think it’s like everywhere in the world “bad things happen to bad people” if you do good things everything will go well

    I can buy a lot of things jejeje fruits, Vegetables, candy, bread, Key chains Jajajaa i don’t know Jajajaja depends that you need in the moment here we have places named (pulperías) a little stores that sell munchies, candies, juices, water, snacks, craft supplies, basically food things like beans, rice, sugar like a mini market, so I take the dollar and go to buy something

    Ummmm i dont see much tv but… the commercials in tv are from fast food iiiught

    Yes, the people see much TV than they read (it’s not my case I prefer to read a book or do another things like give my lovely classes of Zumba)

    About me, mmmmm I’m 31 years old, Geminis, like to read, write some poetry, dance, draw, anime, travel, make friends, talk, cook, I have 2 dogs that I love so much, I have 6 tattoos not visible just if I want jejeje, I love my mom, I’m a crazy social guy, and a lot of things more

  • Zin Dario Figueroa
    Aaaaand just ask whatever you want jajaja I’m a open book

  • Sophie EssayWow! A lot going on, hummm!

    Well, you opened a wide door for us! 🙂

  • Sophie Essay: Let’s start with poetry. Is it in Spanish?

  • Sophie Essay: How about drawings, what kind of pictures you like to draw?

  • Zin Dario FigueroaThe poetry that I write its about moments, feelings, things and persons that be important in my life

     Sophie Essay– Passionate romantic type? or general ? – Where did you travel? Which places you liked the most? For how long?
  • Zin Dario FigueroaMy draws well they no have any sense jajaja I draw everything and anything I like to do that since I was a child when I’m bored I make a lot of scrawls

  • Sophie Essay: it’s really interesting coz many people do the same. 

  • Zin Dario FigueroaPassionate and romantic depends my feelings in the moment that I write.

    Well I travel for all Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua; and I travel to North America: Mexico, US not yet but maybe soon I want to go a Zumba convention I have all the certifications from zumba ALL (just zumbini no because it’s not disponible to Central America) ; I was in Europe too in Spain, Madrid and France a lot of regions for a month

  • Zin Dario FigueroaZumbini for Latin America

  • Sophie EssayGreat! Go on 🙂

  • Sophie Essay
    What did you do other than Zumba?

  • Zin Dario Figueroa
    Zumba its my work, I live of this, I don’t do nothing more

  • Sophie Essay, I understand, but has it been your work all your life?

  • Z: Just se Dance classes 

  • S: You started dancing when you were how old?

  • Z: Nop, I has 15 years when I start

  • S: – Before high school?
    Z: I do the school, the high school, and some university but I don’t finish

     I think I’m gonna end this year
  • S: Great. What do you study?
    – What kind of reading you like?
    – Have you ever read our posts or any of them?
    – If you did, which one was the most attractive subject to you?
    – What are the words that can grab your attention more than any other, or course in addition to Zumba? 

  • ZIm studying Lic Marketig and international business, I like to read fiction and thrillers, terror, a little romantic, misterys etc etc, No I don’t have the chance to read one of your post but I’m gonna take a look 😉, I love the aliens theme or misterys jejeje.

    The words that have my attention Are all those that involve any benefit to humanity I like to help whenever I can feel that it is one of the main purposes of our species to help each other

  • S: Mystery movies! Humm, have you seen “The Usual Suspects”? 

  • Z: Whats about?

  • S: I don’t want to spoil it for you.

  • Z: Ok

  • S: Just watch it, I think, you’ll like it. 🙂

  • S: So is it OK for us to publish any of these materials?  

  • S: I like your photo with a hat, would you like to use it? in addition to others?

  • Z: Yes use all that u want. 

  • S: Your English is excellent, where did you learn it?

  • Z: I learn in the school, high school, by miself too jejeje playing games, listening music.

Let’s have a break and come back to you instantly, so I’ll give you a chance to enjoy this very interesting article with Zin Dario.

Our best wishes and thanks to Zin Dario for sharing all these experiences with us. We will be waiting for him to finish his school, in order to celebrate with him this great success soon.

Hugs & kisses for all of you ❤

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