You Want What!? 1Zumba

Hello everyone! Welcome readers & friends from the US, Honduras, Ireland, Philippines, Austria, n Bosnia & Herzegovina 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for being open, clear, and frank to our team. We love Image result for a mother and her daughterseeing you all the time, and share your experiences. 😀

Lulu sent us this short passage, which our team found very interesting to share: “You want what all daughters want: for your mother to live forever.

And yet you hate it when your mother snores, and cringe when, on an otherwise oppressively quite night, you hear her in the bathroom, making the lowly bodily noises we share with other animals. You hate to think of your mother as an animal who once held you inside herself; an animal whose body you sprang from, then attached yourself to , whose ministrations you received  and took for granted…

You were animals together then, so comfortable with each other – the way she sang! the way you cried!- neither of you afraid of anything but losing the other.

You go shopping together, and when your mother comes…..It’s just that she is getting old, and you don’t want to get old like her. Even good daughters, even the best daughters, do not look forward to decrepitude and death. That’s all, that’s all.

And you’re falling asleep, and it might all be gone when you wake up, and , Ah, well. Ah, well. It wouldn’t bother you in the least if, in the morning , awakened by the sound of something pressing up against the house, you and your mother rose together and looked out your bedroom window only to discover no one there, not a soul. You wouldn’t mind if the two of you were the only two alive, the only two who had ever been alive, the way young world before you hushed and still.”

It was beautiful writing, but it was bits & pieces as you see. I wonder what the missing parts are 😀

Thank you Lulu K. , 1Zumba friend, for sharing this with us. Keep on writing, you’ve got a talent.

Great to have you all with us, as usual, and until we talk again, here’s our love, hugs, & kisses ❤

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