My Mom was The Queen, 1Zumba!

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My dear 1Zumba friend, my mom was a French-girl style; she had that exquisite taste when it came to dresses & food occasions extra special designs. I loved the way she had when she was all dressed up for weddings or special events.

Image result for fuchsia color dress back sideI remember that she used to have a fabulous fuchsia color dress, and she was so agile, with long blonde hair, and porcelain complexion.

She was so pretty, and she used to call me “Princess”. Of course now, I call my daughter “Princess” in turn, coz my mom is no longer there.

I’m not sure why I remembered this today, but it felt good to say it. Sometimes, she was mad at me, not doing what I was supposed to do, but she wouldn’t give any comment. She would just let it go.

On the other hand, may be I can’t let go, when dealing with my kids, but remembering that, I started doing the same, to give them more room to think for themselves, and to act on their own more independently.

Let’s see our question for today, then tell you more interesting story about my memories with my mom:


mymqnBack to my mom, or your mom, moms are given a lot of appreciation in some cultures, while in other, they are under-appreciated, and sometimes even mocked at, for one reason or the other. What do you think? 😀

One of the stories my mom used to tell me was about her brother, coz she was the younger and the weaker, he used to be mean to her. He once cut her hair, and was punished for that, by her dad or my grandpa.

She was so sensitive cheerful smart, and with a beautiful smiling face. My friends liked her a lot, and acted very friendly with her.

May be I didn’t spend enough time with my mom, or may be it was planned for me not to be around her a lot, so when she left, I would be in lesser pain! I don’t know. But I miss her. I miss her the most when I call my daughter “My Princess”.

“My Princess”, my mom used to call me, when I was a kid, coz my mom was the Queen, my 1Zumba!

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