1Zumba 4ever!

Thank you dear friends and readers for all those cards and e-cards! We appreciate our readers everywhere, especially the new friends from the US,  the UK,  Germany,  Cuba, & South Africa  😉

No matter what you do, no matter what you own, where you live, how you dress, what you eat, or etc you WILL be leaving this Earth!

So why then? Why don’t you enjoy your period of existence on Earth; why not to do Image result for enjoy lifewhat you can, n be easy on yourself?

You’re only doing what you are programmed to do. By night you sleep to be connected to your source of energy. In other words, the night is for your recharging of your batteries. The day is for you to do the tasks set for you to be done.

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Your two eyes are recording everything you see, and saving it to a certain file, may be it is transmitted by night while you are asleep. All the info you collect during the day time is sent to our Creator during the night.

Your brain is processing Image result for braineverything the way it should be according to your limited senses which you were given . You only can touch certain materials, for example. You only can see certain things, n so forth. Sustaining your power is good, so is maintenance for your body, but it would not affect your length of life nor your path.

airWhen I’m flying, I see nothing at a specific height from Earth; no one, no land or buildings, oceans disappear, and I can see only clouds surrounding me. Amazing, right, my 1Zumba friend! Just think about it, if you ever flew, you would get it 🙂

From time to time, I remind myself of this fact, and how extremely tiny I am or how extremely nothing I am in that whole entity. When I do that, I feel satisfied and relaxed. May be because I kind of accepting and embracing everything the way they are.

I can go to my 1Zumba classes, and to everywhere else knowing one indisputable fact of life, and pls keep remembering it, my 1Zumba friend: For us, for you and I, there will be nothing going on forever, not life, nor properties. There will be no going to 1Zumba 4ever  😉

Love you all wherever you are & welcome to any comments 😉

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