Aqua Or 1Zumba?

Our love and thanks go for each one of you, our readers, from everywhere, especially for the new ones from the US, Bolivia, Canada, Germany, Curaçao, the UK, Switzerland, Romania, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines, Sweden, Belgium, France, & Mexico  😉

Well, well well! Hellooo smart people! I miss you so so much 😉 I’m sending you a big hug, until we meet again soon 😉

aquaWe all agree that everything alive is traced back to water. How many of us were ever interested in knowing more about water. Not too many, do you agree with me?

If we go to our statistics to see how many students enrolled in this field, we will find the numbers even going down, in spite of the fact that the Water Science has been tremendously developed over the years, probably more than other branches of sciences.

Nonetheless, the majority of us take water for granted even after having a drought in CA for many years, and after being threatened in our lives by this water shortage, so that we had to cut down on our water consumption. Some decided even to leave to other States coz of that drought.

aqua1Still very few could see the consequences, or care to see them, and, where they would lead to, in the future for our coming generations.

Therefore, my 1Zumba friend, and before it is getting too late, we need to arm ourselves with intensive and rapid solutions.

We need to encourage more students to have research in water resources and related subjects, this will be our real shield; people who understand the nature of the water problem and who dedicate their lives to finding solutions, and passing over their precious knowledge to the next generations.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I know you would ask me why am I saying this? I am coz I feel obligated to raise awareness among people, who I love dearly, that very difficult times will be coming, and I see my people busy with other things less important than water.

aqua2Can you imagine your world without water, my 1Zumba friend? Remember in class, when you say: “Drink water! Aqua Aqua!” Haha! It’s affordable for us now, but in 100 yrs, or more, it will not, unless some genius came up with a smart solution. It could become more expensive than diamonds and gold.

Imagine, if you pay what you are paying for a diamond ring, for a bottle of water. What would it mean that you don’t have enough money to buy that bottle of water?!

The greater possibility is that there will be no pools, so all related industries would collapse, so are all related jobs, to say the least. Furthermore, for sure, (haha! It’s a joke), there will be no more Aqua 1Zumba, Aqua or 1Zumba? 😉

Love you all guys, and waiting for your inspiring comments 😉

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