Sharing The Night Together, 1Zumba!

The US, Romania, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Philippines, Boilivia, Uganda, n the UK friends, welcome to our world 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, sometimes you regret saying things, and everyone else does, not only you. All I can say is to be a bit diplomatic, and patience brings the good news. 😉

Trying to find a word that could replace Image result for differentthe word “different” is hard, and many times, I couldn’t use any other alternative, as if other synonyms (such as unlike, unalike, varying, etc..) do not exactly carry the same precise meaning of the word “different”.

Anyway, before I forget, my team will be getting ready for their tests, and we will have our editions on a weekly basisImage result for someone is writing for a period of time, so that to give everyone a chance to focus on other channels of their lives.

This site or whatever you’d like to call it takes a lot of prep time to be written, edited, photos added,  corrected, then published, etc.. Honestly the point is that our resources are getting extremely limited, and we do not have a choice.

I wish I could only have the time doing nothing else except writing, but, hey, this is life, and we’ve got to manage it to the best of our abilities and resources.

Periodically, we will run some updates, and we will continue to get you new info about things that going around us, in our beautiful world. We will continue to answer your questions and post your precious comments as usual.

Back to “different”,
it is good to be different, you do /he not have to imitate Image result for differentothers. For example, we were invited to a dinner two days ago, my colleagues & I. Each one chose whatever s/he would eat.It was a fancy buffet, many couldn’t resist the fried tempting food, and very few chose exactly and only the healthy food that made sense to them.

That was really great. You do not have to follow the crowd just for the sake of belonging! Remember the proverb that says: “We are what we eat!”

This can be applicable to all aspects of life. Think before you decide to follow someone. Think before you talk. Take action only when you are completely convinced that this is the right path to follow. We have lovely brains that works for us 24/7, non-stop tools that are Godly given to us!

Time for our competition, here’s question no. 85:


Are you happy? I hope you’re my dear 1Zumba friends. Let me hear from you, coz we always miss your words and feedback. Let’s be sharing the night together! ❤


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