Fuzzy or Muzzy, which one is it? 😉 Good day everyone! Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Italy, China, India, South Africa, and Germany! 😉

Fabulous light coming from up there. How didn’t I notice it before. I mean I’ve been living in this are forever, what’s wrong with me?

Did it ever happen to you? Did you see things for the first time after being there for a while? Yes, sure this could occur from time to time with busy minded professionals.Coltorti BoutiqueMy son reminded me of soups.and popcorn. I turned my diet to the soups since it helped me a lot in the past, and since it is still raining outside, thus I’ll be doing indoor exercise only. No walking today. Changing your weight is never easy, but change is a must.

GeekstoreSuzie, one of my neighbors, is having a meeting in the library and I need to be there in two hours. She’s going to talk about that eternal issue of homelessness,which is turning into a catastrophe, even people who have homes lately find it hard to keep their places. Nobody is safe any more of losing their homes.Shop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at Buckle.comSome people try to bury the truth of the housing issues, but it will never be buried when you see people sleeping on the side walk without dignity or mercy.

Peter and Lamia are working on something is completely different. They are trying to put together the home-made mascara which we gave the recipe for before.

Many things going on on …

Until we chat again, take a deep breath, turn on your jazz music, fly with our topics, with out hugs and kisses ❤


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