Entertainment Views!

Leaders’ job is to make it happen! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Italy, Canada, India, and China! 😉

Miranda sent me an email full of comments about many subjects we talked about, and I though the best way to share it with you is to get each of her points in a separate post, coz many of them better be addressed separately. Not that they are not related, actually they are related in some points while in others, they are not.

Comparing between the number of views for some YouTube clips was among the points Amanda raised. Sam thought the answer was simple, but let’s have a look at the two clips she compared:
.The First one

. The second one

She wondered why the first clip got only 2M views while the second one got over sophieentertainmentviews183M views.

Sam said the first one was published 2018, while the second was in 2015 which meant that the time frame for the second was longer which gave a better chance to the clip to get more viewers.

Another reason was that not too many people into the street dancing puppets, while millions are into songs, which is obviously another good reason for the difference in the number of viewers. It’s a matter of taste.

Until we chat more, try to figure out another reason in addition to the ones Sam mentioned, with our hugs and kissesShop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at Buckle.comIGXO Cosmetics


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