It’s stupendous to dream of someone you know twice. If it was true, it should have been buried in your sub-conscious for some time before it surfaces! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, India, and Italy! 😉

Everyday brings you some new light in your life, even if it was in the deepest dark bottom of the sea.sophiedeepsea

This is what makes it astounding, compelling, and fabulous. You live the age of underwater drones, where those amazing small probes are capable of doing tasks that human being can not do.Shop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at

Following our Deepest Living, Amy added to your collection three more pictures for creatures which live in your deep oceans in challenge with everything around them. She told me that after watching that documentary, she almost didn’t believe what she watched. She thought could that be really true?

She added that across vibrant coral cities, bustling with ingenious inhabitants, there lived fearless ocean wanderers “And down into uncharted depths, where some of Earth’s best kept secrets hide…”

I need to  walk, but instead I do exercise with music thing today for 30 minutes. As for healthy food, but I still feel that i didn’t follow my diet, having one extra piece of bread.

“When there is a voice inside your head and wants to talk to you, give it that chance, don’t keep pushing it away, without listening to what it would tell you, may be you’re missing the point.”some advice I hear accidentally over the radio.IGXO Cosmetics

Until we chat again, awaiting your comments and questions, after reading our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!

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