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Loans are long story. It’s so versatile that you need to understand them first in order to deal with them.

The most common hard loan that we heard complaints about was the student loans. The student is vulnerable and seek to graduate ASAP to start having a decent job, but it doesn’t happen the way it is expected.

Personal loans:

What type of personal loan you want to get?Image result for types of personal loansThen, “what is the difference between car loan and a personal loan?” Larry asked. The car loan is, in many cases, with interest rate lower than what you can get on an unsecured loan. Both are personal but one with one item that has a specific value to replace the loan in case it was not paid, and the other one, you’d be using it in sophieloanssomething that does not have security item.  

Another example if you decided to take a loan to use it for vacation, and you use your motor boat as a collateral, in this case your loan is secured by your boat. If you failed to pay back the money, the lender could take your boat. The interest in this case is lower than the loan that you can get without having your boat as a securing item.

As you know, due to the weather condition, I didn’t have my walk yet to get rid of those 5 pounds, but I’ll try to use the 7 minutes exercises that Dr. Laign suggested to me, may be it would be a good alternative to use when it’s cloudy and rainy like it is today.

Until we chat again, give a chance to your thoughts to roam around with your updated topics, getting there would give you a clear clue to what you want, with out hugs and kisses ❤

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