Loan Tactics!

Sometimes, you allow your opponent a small win, it’s tactics! 😉 Great to be here with all of you, readers and friends: the US, Russia, Hungary, France, the UK, India, Germany, Romania, Mexico, and Nigeria! 😉 Loans are the last resort to many of you when it comes to the end of the year period. … More Loan Tactics!


Stretch your thinking, having positive vibes in a closed cage may take you somewhere else! 😉 Thank you for being here dearest friends and readers everywhere: the US, the UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Kenya, and Czech Republic! 😉 Loans are long story. It’s so versatile that you need to understand them first in order … More Loan!

Why Loans?

Rarely believe what you see, sight has become fickle! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, the UK, and India! 😉 There is a wide types of loans in CA, this comes as a continuation for a thread that we talked about in many occasions, but not enough, as … More Why Loans?