All things considered, go ahead with your fish! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Brazil, Serbia, and Vietnam 😉

It’s a new day. Everyday is a new day and a new life.

You asked us about a myth, and we have plenty. History is full of them, but perhaps you haven’t heard about the Poogweese.

Although Poogweese is a myth but still there’s some kind of wisdom between its lines. Its a native American myth that was told long ago but not too many people knew it. Probably you’re one of these audience who will hear this story for the first time.

Once upon a time there was a small village which lived on fishing. The fishermen go to the sea to catch fish and bring it back home to eat or to store and sell it. At certain time the fishing went poor and the people became hungry since they completely depended on the sea’s catches.


The sea continued to act like that until one day the fishermen sailed off their island and had their nets sink the deepest possible into the water. They waited and waited. When they gave up and started thinking of going back home, they felt something was moving. Their net seemed to hold the heaviest fish ever. 

The catch certainly needed every hand to participate in pulling out the net in order to settle it on their boat. However, for their surprise, they found out that there was no fish in their net; instead there was something extremely odd. It looked like a human but it was all covered in weeds with large teeth and messy hair.

The creature again to their astonishment, was able to speak. He said: “You don’t Image result for poogweeseknow me. I’m Poogweese. I’m the chief messenger of -the Lord of the all the ocean’s wealth. I live in the underworld of the sea.

The fishermen kept gazing at him listening to his talk, and in the meantime, not being capable of answering him or arguing with him. They didn’t know what to do. They were concerned if they did anything bad for Poogweese, his master would get a huge revenge on them or put a curse on them so that they wouldn’t be able to ever fish again, and eventually they would starve to death.

When Poogweese saw that the fishermen stood like statues, he continued: “I understand that you fear if you release me, my master will come after you when I tell him that you got me into your net, but I will not do that. On the contrary, I will tell him about your hospitality and the good treatment I received from you. This will make him look into your luck and make life better for you. Cheap Flight Tickets. Book Now & Save. Apply Promo Code FLIGHT50 and Get Up To $50* Off.Smarter Loans 728X9020% off Malaysia EPTA Car Rental DealBargain Around the World Flight Deals. Save up to $20** off with promo code – ATW20. Book Now!

Poogweese added: “For my thanks, I’ll give you my mask in return of my freedom.” The fishermen were not really in a good situation, and had only one option. They acted wisely, and they released that creature, hoping that he was telling the truth. Once they freed him, he jumped back into the deep sea where all the secrets of the Undersea are.

LampsPlus.comThe fishermen waited to see what would happen. In a few moments, the mask surfaced on the water, and the net was filled up with all kinds of fish. The merman fulfilled his promise, and kept his side of the bargain.

Of course, the fishermen kept the mask which was kept as a symbol for that encounter.

That was your new myth, you can use it anyway you want. You can tell it to your kids or your students, or your friends. It’s all symbolic!

Until we chat again, kids stories are fun and if you can still read them, it means that you’re still young in heart with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel

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Until we chat again, let you net go deeper into our topics to catch you Poogweese with our hugs and kisses ❤


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