Endless Growth!

Once upon a time it was a tiny seed, but now, branches endlessly grow, why then do you think you are in control? 😉 Back to your pages dearest readers and friends from the USCanada, Finland, Germany, South Korea, Argentina, Argentina, Israel, the UK, Turkey, Philippines, Mexico, Cameroon, Thailand, Malaysia, Croatia, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Japan, Netherlands! 😉

Everyday your students have more questions and you need to be ready  to listen to what they say:

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B: China protects itself by not having online foreign spying cookies stuck to its users, why don’t we do the same?

H: Why do we buy computers and phones from China while we knew that they were spying on every US citizen or user?

It looks as if there was no solution, but there is. It’s not only about cyber-security, it’s about how to win your game.  

Go back to where the real problem was and investigate if it was really solved by the new agreement. You’d be surprised!

The trade deficit exists because U.S. exports to China were only $87.6 billion through October while imports from China were $382.1 billion, a difference of $294.5 billion for the 10-month period.

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Custom illustration showing trade deficit with China

Some financial consultants see it otherwise, not a win-win situation as one of the resources claimed:

loans to the U.S., through the purchase of U.S. debt, enable the U.S. to buy Chinese products. It’s a win-win situation for both nations, with both benefiting mutually. China gets a huge market for its products, and the U.S. benefits from the…..more

V: Why don’t we try focus on our production and self-sufficiency like some other smart countries? If we can produce everything we need, wouldn’t that be a notable success for our country? If we can have self-independence, no other country could interfere in our decisions. Once we are in debt, all evil powers will get under your skin.

…… to offshore more production and jobs, hurt American workers in tradable sectors and worsen our trade imbalance with China….. more

L: Do you think those activities has stopped?

Image result for printing stolen intellectual property
Chinese Hackers

In all cases, until we chat again, you’ve got to give your kids a hopeful say or let them read more funny posts to cheer them up with our hugs and kisses


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