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Is it a coincidence or is it a plan for success?

Disney is one of six major film studios in the business right now, with the other five being Warner Bros.Universal20th Century FoxSony, and Paramount. Disney currently owns the largest market share at 21 percent, while Warner Bros. shares the second largest at 18 percent, according to The Numbers.

Image result for disneylandBecause there is always more than one interpretation for almost anything in the business world, it is hard to say where the truth is; added to this, the high competition between and among the other companies in the same field make you think twice before taking any sides.

Many businessmen see that Disney has earned every and all moments of success for its team continuous hard work, so owning a good portion of the film industry should be accepted with applaud not with fear and negative speculations.Related image

That essentially means Disney will own more than a third of the film industry. This sets a dangerous precedent that encourages a monopoly and stifles a competitive market. Because of this, the Department of Justice must block the sale at all costs. Otherwise the film industry as we know it will quickly become the Disney industry.

SeaBear Smokehouse

Disneyland is a fascinating place full of adventures and surprises. If you happened to be near OC, we really recommend that you visit it. It’s an endless sequence of pleasure for you and for your family too! 

Although we were talking about how Disney has entered into the movie-business, we still need to mention that the everyday success that Disney achieved for over sixty years, is a good sign of its possible success in the show-business as well.

Until we talk again, remember that you’ll always find more, just leave a comment via our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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