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This topic is experimental. It starts with this ad, which appeared on the screen of my laptop, and as you see claiming that a teacher can ear $2000/month. Let’s see what will happen next.  

4By clicking the ad, a nice well-developed website appears, but it is not as trusted as it seems to be. Be careful, do not click on this or similar ads that may appear to you while you’re browsing the internet for any reason.

Zoom in into the following picture where the red rectangular shape is, and read what it says. You’ll find “Privacy Policy”. You do not need to click on it, because it is not safe. The truth is once you are into this site, there is cookies that are sent to your computer, which is used to track your activities or get more info about you, so that businesses can start their attack on you via your email or phone number. ⇓


The link to the privacy policy though is as follows: Privacy Policy. 

When you start to read it, you would realize how dangerous situation you are at. It tells you that your info is transmitted to China. That any personal info or any piece of data you enter into this website is not protected the way it is understood in the US, and that the privacy laws which are used in the US or Europe are not used in this website.

In addition, they would try their best to protect your info but there is no guarantee for that, and that they will hammer you with cookies in order to know……. any justifications of course.


Of course some of us: you or I would think: “this is a good opportunity to make money from home, just teaching kids some English language lessons, why not to make money that easy to make, why don’t I seize the opportunity and do this? But in reality it is not what it seems to be unfortunately.

Cyber security  is very important or else you’d find yourself under a vicious attack. Your date, info, and network need protection. Cyber security services are available for those who are not aware or educated enough to deal with such issues. However, you need to be careful when you sit to your computer and start writing to some business that you do not know, or to respond for an ad like that given example.

Do not let your desire to earn money be stronger than your desire to protect yourself and your info from being stolen or used by another party without your permission, and only God knows what someone can do with your info.


I’m not saying that this is easy to do, coz as you see it looks like very normal legitimate site. How could you know if this is a good one or not? There are few common steps that you need to pay attention to before signing up for any site.

If the website has a verification code or not, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean that it is not fraudulent. Educate yourself more about it here. Even if there was a lock on the address line, still it does not mean that it is a good site, and that it will not collect your info for reasons you know nothing about.

Admittedly, this site tells you that they take your info and your data. Openly, it states that there is no protection. There is no US laws or European laws to cover you if you enter your personal information. In addition, and this is very critical here is what it is being said about security in this site:


Whenever you give VIPKID sensitive information (e.g., bank information), VIPKID will take commercially reasonable steps to protect such info…..

Nonsense! You cannot trust a site like this. Be cautious when you deal with any new ad that appears appealing to you, and tempting when you are looking for a job. If it is not local, and someone recommend it for you, it is better to stay away from it. Certainly, you can browse the internet to check on the certificate of any website, before getting into it.

I hope that our chatting will help you in your cyber security, and we shall talk more in the near future about this.

Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses


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