Restrooms & My Student!

To be good or bad, is all relative. What is good for you could be less than good for me. It’s all relative in all qualities! Welcome and welcome our dear friends and readers everywhere; especially from the US, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and Belgium 😉

I talked about restrooms & sales, and  how they can attract customers to your stores, and how they can drive some traffic to your business.  They can also cause the opposite: keep customers at distance from it. 

Yesterday I heard an echo to what I talked about, and I was amazed of how smart people can take advantage of one word (whether from me or from you), build up on it, and develop very vividly and enthusiastically new ideas that can benefit all of us.

So restrooms‘ attention works and it can help your business, and sometimes it can lead to other routes you never thought of before.

A student of mine sent me two pictures from one of the restrooms in one of the stores, and he told me that it was refreshing to read that article and that every time he used a store bathroom that article came to him, and that therefore, he thought of taking those two pictures and sharing them with all of us.


It took me by surprise how I could hear the voice of my student in my ears, and the critical analysis he was able to give me based on his observation for that wall, while he was inside that store or that restroom.

He said:

“You are here to be awesome” I’m not sure teacher why they chose that sentence to be hang up on the wall right in front of the toilet seat, and if it meant that we are awesome to choose to be here in this store, or in this bathroom? haha! And if the word awesome was a compliment for being in this bathroom in the right time, or that physically awesome, and what this has to do with the bathroom or using it for getting some relief? LOL

I laughed and thought he had a point 😆

He also mentioned that the bathroom lacked papers-towels, so after he washed his hands there was no air dryers or paper towels to dry his hands, which was not adequate of course.


That was his second picture, and as you see it says “Let your light shine brightly”. It is motivational and I like words of motivation, but G. said:

“My light is not going to shine definitely in the restroom where nobody else is supposed to be here. I’d rather have this phrase written on my desk or in my school in my classroom while other classmates are present. Unless they refer to certain part of my body,  which is usually covered while others around me. haha!”

Oh! G.! That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing,. There is a lot of inspiring ideas in your thoughts, and I encourage you to share your humor with all others around you.

Restrooms in my opinion could play an important role in your retail store, could be a source of promotional ideas, could be a key for purchasing some items, or others.

In a successful business, you don’t want to lose a chance to gain a new customer, and having a clean bathroom with all the adequate specifications, as we talked about before, would guarantee you the increase in your sales.

Let’s have a quick break and come back to you. Until then, stick tight to our long topics list, and fetch which one would inspire you the most. With our hugs and kisses

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