Thanks for being here and sharing part of your time! 😉 Great friends from the US, Montenegro, Brazil, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Finland, and all there is a lot a lot to be said but ….! 😉 Heat is nice for some and is unpleasant for others, which one are you? 😆 In this heat, … More Bathrooms!

Fast Restrooms!

You have a mission in this life that you might never knew it! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers readers bloggers and all from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Italy,  India, Australia,  Tunisia, Cameroon, Mexico, Paraguay, New Zealand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, China, Benin, Croatia, and Greece! 😉 May be you’ve seen it happening yourself or … More Fast Restrooms!

Heard Voice!

You’ve got far more potentials than  you can ever imagine! It’s just a matter of realizing it. 😉 Thank you and welcome dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Brazil, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, India, Palestinian Territories and Australia. 😉 Plenty of things are happening and keep happening. We’re happy to see that your voice was … More Heard Voice!