Thanks for being here and sharing part of your time! 😉 Great friends from the US, Montenegro, Brazil, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Finland, and all there is a lot a lot to be said but ….! 😉

Heat is nice for some and is unpleasant for others, which one are you? 😆

In this heat, you might only think of your dear shower which is located in your bathroom. Otherwise, it would be a bit odd, right. Meaning to have a shower in your kitchen or your living or your bedroom. 😆

Bathrooms vary to a great extent. There is the basic ones which is usually used in the middle class bathrooms, while in the royal class, crafty exquisite luxury bathrooms exist and of course at unbelievable  cost.

Of course it is normal when you are hired for $25/hr is different from being hired for XXXXX/hr which makes your bathroom is a little bit precise and primitive compared to those belong to others in the long Zeros pay.

Sometimes you cave inside your bathroom escaping the crowd when you have a lot of people around. Other times you enjoy taking a long bath specially during summer time.

Until we chat again, stick around for more, like or comment we only publish what you agree upon with our hugs and kisses ❤SophieChannel NewYellos

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