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Darrell, we are not sure if liking others over yourself would be considered a curse or a virtue. If you experience this situation where you always prefer others’ interest over yourself, it is up to you how to see it.

You can’t completely forget about yourself or you’d be worn out. If you no longer existed, there would be no others’ need for you any more, because you’re not going to be there!

You are your own judge. No matter how much words you write for us explaining everything that goes in your life, still you will be the only one who would be able to know if this is right or wrong, since we are not there with you.

Talking about millionaires and how to increase your money’s earnings, Debra said: “Every single day when you write your goals, check on your options. Choose the most successful one. Work on it. If you have two options of making income without interfering with each other, it is even better.”

 Avene USA

Options equal opportunity. The more options you have, the greater your chances of success. Often the trick is just seeing all the options in front of you.

Creating something special and pulling people towards you is more effective than pushing your product on people. The rule is how attracted people are to your idea. If your idea help people to solve one of their daily problems, you made a good invention, pending that there is no similar product cheaper than yours.

Patience is often your greatest ally. Impatience leads to poor decisions. The ability to delay gratification is essential.

Patience is always a key for many good things. My dad always said: “Avec de la patience, on arrive à tôt!”, which means “with some patience, one can reach up to everything.” And I believed him.

Amplify your successes: you know what you’re good at; improve this quality or hone it. Multiply the things that make you the most money.

Work smart not hard: it is easy to find a job and to get a check every week or biweekly, but ask yourself first if this was the type of income that will make you reach where you want to be or not. If not, look for the one that will take you up there, don’t wait. Do it!

Qatar Airways

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There is plenty of ways to make money or to reach higher goals of wealth, but you need to follow your plan and adjust when it is not taking you there. Focus, play it smart, believe it, and give a bit of your money away when you have a chance. You’ll not worship it, it’s just papers that you invented and called it “Money”.

Guys, until we chat again, keep sending us your ideas and get inspired by our topics vault, with our hugs and kisses

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