Evil Cinderella?

Your steps are counted and your destination is known but for who?! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, the UK , Bangladesh, and Russia 😉

Evil Cinderlla was the opposite character of Cinderella who I knew when I was a kid. She was unhelpful to her step-mother or her step-sisters.

She wanted to have nice outfits  for herself only but not for her sisters. She was impatient indecent and lied all the time. Her dad was unable to control her tricks and annoying behavior with her step-mother or step-sisters.Image result for Cinderella

Losing her mom during birth made her dad deeply sympathized with her thinking that she was a helpless motherless child, and that he should give her all attention. When he got married after five years of the death of her mom, his concern was only to have someone who would love his daughter and care for her. When he had her step-sisters he couldn’t change his devotion for her more than to anyone else.

He spoiled her unintentionally and her step-mother didn’t want to be cruel or unjust to her so she kept her wishes above her own daughters. She always asked them to be nice to Cinderella and to treat her well. She wanted them to get along together but that didn’t happen.

Cinderella acted as if she was an only child. She didn’t consider her step-sisters as members of her family, she thought of them as helpers, who were supposed to obey her and be at her service day and night.

The story goes on for many situations where Cinderella mistreated her step-mother and her step-sisters without any consideration for the family ties.

Until one day they heard about the Prince party during which the Prince was to choose his bride to be.

Cinderella used all her twisted methods to prevent her step-sisters from going to that special party for which every girl in the town was invited to and she even torn their dresses so they had to attend the ball with borrowed clothes from their neighbors.

As for her seeing the Prince and talking to him, Cinderella’s arrogance and rudeness made him choose one of the royal families he knew following the advice of his parents, who were able to see the other side of evil Cinderella.

Cinderella was pretty but her manners were not. There was a price for that. She didn’t marry the Prince. There was no 12 O’clock run-and-lost glass shoes. There was no looking for the girl who snatched the heart of the Prince.

My boss at that time, years ago, didn’t like the idea, and he suggested to change the name of the story. His point of view was that he wanted to keep Cinderella’s character as it was in the eyes of the kids, but that was my whole point: being named “Cinderella” could go both ways: right or left. She was a name like any other name; it didn’t have to be associated with certain qualities!

Until we chat again, stick to our topics and get the right words with our hugs and kisses


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