Restaurants’ Frivolity!

In your globe, every atom is investable; can you imagine how many opportunities you have around you? 😉 Hello friends from the US, Canada, Ukraine, the UK, India, Kenya, Hungary, Bangladesh, Russia, France, Chile, Romania, and Germany 😉

It’s a great day here. It’s raining and raining. Wow, this is what we need.

Two days ago it was Mandy’s son birthday, and she was so unsettled for his birthday present. Then she decided to get him some new online fitness equipment. She took him to a restaurant downtown Lafayette. 

She said that it was a fine one of the best dining places and that it had that European Style. The only thing that she remembered later on why she stopped going there was the closeness of its tables. Although very elegant place, but you can hear the conversation of both tables to your right and to your left, as if you wanted to answer their questions or get involved in their conversation to have them stop talking into your ears.SophieRestrt

Mandy said that she wanted to have a good time with her twenty five years old son celebrating his birthday, spending such a relatively higher amount of money in one dinner, but there were two happenings that spoiled that night for her.

First, there is an etiquette for the servers in any respected restaurant you go to, and they are supposed to be well-trained to act according to its guidelines. Otherwise, they are in trouble. Sometimes, the restaurant’s etiquette is somehow related to the city or the area where it is and the standards they wish to serve in that area. As you know there is a five-star restaurant and a zero-star one. For the purpose of this post, here we talk about the first type.

Second, there is another etiquette for you to follow or preferred to follow as a customer who likes to act nicely in the place of your choice where you’ll have your meal. Some places even use a blacklist for people who reserve tables and then never show up or cancel their reservation, which is although an extreme, it is there.

The only way for a customer to express his utmost dissatisfaction is not to pay tips for the servers, and that was what Mandy did, for the waiter was so pushy bringing the dessert menu along with the check without asking them. OMG! 🙄

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This is No. 1 dislike for a customer everywhere, not only in California, restaurants’ guys!!


Until we talk again, make sure that your favorite restaurant is following the right etiquette, and keep looking into our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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