Believe it or not, love is good so long as it serves your ambitions! 😉 Thank you and welcome to your pages dear friends and readers from the US, Russia, Italy, Kenya, Thailand, and Belgium 😉
Elegant hotel restaurant serving inventive Californian cuisine & showcasing dramatic Bay Area views. Located at: Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hot. This is the famous Meritage Restaurant, in Berkeley.
One of our group ordered steak, another ordered shrimp, a third asked for salad, and I preferred to have the House Smoked Salmon since their hostess told me that it was their specialty in addition to drinks.
It is so funny that Chris remembered what I told him that day, and every time I tell the story of that dish, he would volunteer saying: “I was a witness”.
Of course the hotel was great, and the views were splendid. The ambiance was and is always full of special air. The only thing that made us dislike the food was that the difference between the photos we saw on their menus and the real dishes that we got to eat.
Oh! One more thing was that the onions which were small whole onions were burnt to the extent that they tasted bitter! 😦
Here’s the photo of what I ordered:Image result for meritage claremont menu
And here’s how it was brought to our table:
Undoubtedly, You can see the difference between the two, except I asked for the broccoli which was burnt as well.
The other irritating thing was that our check was brought to us without asking us if we needed anything else, which was extremely rude and unprofessional. At that point we wanted to leave anyway.
Everyone of us just wondered how such a big hotel fail to provide it promised services?! It was not a weekend or a vacation day. It was a work day and the restaurant was not that busy on that night.

Anyway, it’s just chatting to vent out that not everything you pay for you can get. Sometimes, it’s not a big deal. Other times, it’s inappropriate coz people go out spend money to have a good time or at least semi-good time. Do you agree 😉

Until we chat again, may be about your adventure on the beach, hang around our topics and get your igniting spark for your new project, with our hugs and kisses

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