A Spark!

Hey, torpid is similar to lethargic, and you are far away from both coz you are a spark! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, India, the UK, Singapore, Australia, Spain, n Russia 😉

Someone said: “Britain is the richest country on Earth, but it is cunningly hidden from public as usual”, to which another answered: “Scandinavian are the richest just forget about bank balances and the stuff that is written in the media.”

Lies! Lies! And lies!


Can’t you see that a number of countries don’t want others to know about the real wealth they have. They do not realize/care about the economic inequality between people. The royal families keep an infinite number of jewelry that could worth an unknown figure 🙄


Lisa reminded you of talking about jewels when we asked a question that collected a lot of responses from everywhere.

Again, this is just chatting, we’re in the process of having a nice dish for all of you. Probably you can try it in your weekend. It has a funny story that happened in one famous restaurant in Berkeley.

Until we talk again, keep engaged with our topics, leave comments or questions, and get inspired for larger ideas of your own with our hugs and kisses

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