Hard but doable. Let your will control your anger energy to push you up! Welcome back our friends and readers from the US, India, Germany, Russia, Mozambique, Austria, Armenia, Denmark, Bangladesh, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania,and Argentina 😉

You will always find flowers cheerful although some flowers are used to express sadness rather than happiness.

The language of flowers is like an art. I wonder how many of you take the time to buy flowers and how many of you knew about the meaning of each kind of flowers. 🙄

I used to have very nice flowers in my front yard; they were a source of pleasure when looking at them as if they were smiling back to me:SophieFlowers 

You are not really required to understand the language of flowers, but may be knowing few of them would be enough.

At least being familiar with your preferred flowers could be helpful if you decided to buy flowers for your friends in any special occasion.

Roses are the best example of how flowers language have become sophisticated. Roses used to express love. Recently it developed into other meanings; it is no more only about the color of the roses but also their number, whether one or more, and if the bouquet will be all in one color or in a numerous colors, etc…

It’s just chatting and there’s a lot more to say about flowers, but enough for today. Until we chat again, stick around our topics with our hugs and kisses

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