Bathing Jokes!

When it comes from the heart, could it be any better! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers friends writers bloggers and all from the US, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Argentina, Iraq, the UK, European Union, Philippines, Greece, and Malaysia! 😉

What if your style in doing this a little bit odd? 🙄

Camille opened that hilarious subject and we continued laughing till the very starting threads of sunrise lights.

Regular tub bathing is linked to a lower risk of death from heart disease and stroke, indicates a long term study, published online in the journal Heart. More

Cartoon Shower Free Download Clip Art - WebComicms.NetTaking a bath is absolutely very personal matter. In each culture bathing might have different rituals.

But the truth remains that each individual learn to develop certain habits since early age. This evolves when going through all the experiences of life.

Some of these habits are funny and if you think of yourself, you’d find something funny you do while bathing.

The duration of bathing differs from one person to the other. It could take you five minutes to take a shower and go to work. Someone else might take one hour.

Shower Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock ...I know a neighbor who doesn’t wash her hair except once a month, and bathing once a week. She spends 2 hrs taking a bath and timing each part of her bath. Shampoo for a certain time, lotion, massaging the face, curling the hair.

While one can take a bath while standing up another may have a tub-bath which could take even longer than 2 hrs if enjoying all the candles’ style or listening to music. Amazing!

You might be one of those who can’t be in the bathroom for more than half an hour. More than that you might feel suffocated. It all depends.

In many movies, singing in the bathroom while taking a bath was taken as a funny act, but in reality you might be one of those who would sing for themselves when taking a bath.SophieBathing2

Also, some would love to listen to music while taking a bath. Some consider it important to take a bath or a shower before going to work; especially when the line of work they do could affect their smell.

The type of work you’re doing could be among other reasons why you need to take a bath. For example, you wouldn’t want to sleep in your bed with all burgers’ smell on you if you’re working in a burger shop.

While taking your bath, you might be shaving as well but not necessarily every time. Some might talk over the phone or read while they are in the tub.

SophieBathingI heard of a man who used to rub the loofah around his neck 15 times coz that was the rituals according to his culture, and another who would bend down hands while inside the tub having the hot water got to his butts for at least 10 min for that was the period of time his traditions dictated on him.

A guy used to have the bath with his dog, you wouldn’t imagine that, but it happened!

There’s truly some fun in thinking of few weird habits that people could do while taking a bath. One thought drags another until you can’t stop laughing.

Until we chat again, you wouldn’t tell us about your bathing habits, haha! But you can read your posts while enjoying your tub with our hugs and kisses


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