Old saying: “You’re known from your friends” or “Show me who your friends are”, is this so? Back and welcome every time you come here dearest friends from the US, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangldesh, the UK, Portugal, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Philippines, and India! 😉

Do you know that anger has a creative energy that can turn you into an artist?

The creative energy that are produced by anger can be turned into something such as drawing, photography, invention, or others. It would be Angerfantastic usage: anything that you like (of course if you were in your angry mood).

It may sound simple but I assure you it’s not. For one reason, you might be rarely getting upset. Or, may be you get angry at yourself and this is where you can apply this technique.

This technique can be used in anger-management as a tool for venting out any negative feelings inside of you and turning it into a creative product. Anger-management episodes which run on air for some time by Charlie Sheen was a good idea for many but it didn’t continue for long unfortunately.

Anyway, it’s just chatting and even looking at something that may please you could absorb partially some of any anger you have.

My laptop is making funny things. all of a sudden some weird messages pop-up, does yours do the same? Why?

In a world that is full of tech now it’s hard to say why, nevertheless you have to ask…. cookieless pls

Until we chat again, keep closer to our pages to get your unique inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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