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Smith sent us a letter full of tears, and pain, related to his unfortunate disability, which was caused by his employer’s negligence. Nonetheless, he was not able to get a decent compensation from his employer, nor to have his disability at least treated, as required. He explained how his employer, ruthlessly, exploited his unawareness of his rights in protecting his ears against any acoustic hazard he is exposed to during his work, as an operator, over-the-phone, for 10 hours daily, for ten consecutive years.

Employers not only ignore the fact that their operators lose their hearing in large numbers, but also they fire them once they become disable. They do not accommodate their disability. They just brutally get rid of them, as if they were disposable cans. Statistics mentioned that more than 22 million cases every single year happened, with no protection or insurance provided for innocent people yet.

It is so frustrating to hear about the thousands of stories of poor workers who are constantly lose their hearing and lose their jobs as well, erasing all the hard work they have been doing for years.

Nobody cares for them. Nobody talks about it. In the UK, there is more strict penalties for any employer who acts irresponsible towards his operators, interpreters, or over-the-phone-employees.

But how about you? Are you one of these miserable employees, who are denied every insurance and every benefit, including your earned and deserved ears’ insurance? Are you one of these independent contractors, who are meant to be denied their basic human rights in insurance and coverage?!

If yes, you are. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease  TALK  ABOUT  IT!

What is acoustic hazard? It’s being exposed to many noises that could damage your ability to hear as normal as you are right now. One of the top damaging reasons for your hearing ability is being on the phone for long periods of time. Image result for dog treated for his earsSimilar  to phone companies operators, who are by the way, thousands and thousands of people – human beings, not dogs not cats!!!

How does the law protect employees who are exposed to high frequency of acoustic hazards more than others?

There are laws against exposing your employees to any hazard, especially when it comes to one of the main five senses you all have, right? Please talk about it, do not just keep it for yourself. Raise awareness everywhere you go. People  who are working from home, via the phone, or operators, who work in a call center, workers in factories, or others, who are constantly using the phone, during their work hours, you must have insurance against being deaf, partially or wholly.

Call-centers operators? Are they insured against hearing loss? 99% are not, and they are the ones who suffer the most. No right, no insurance, ending up in miserable circumstances.

Who is responsible for employees hearing loss, when they are exposed to sharp line strikes?  THE EMPLOYER!!!!

Hearing loss prevention: “Excessive noise exposure damages the delicate hair cells in the inner ear, not dissimilar to the effect of age on the ear (accelerated “wear and tear”). This damage often results in permanent, sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing of the ears). Hazardous noise exposures can occur on the job, but also in common recreational activities.” More

Employers responsibilities towards thousands of cases are denied or ignored. 😦  Talk about it, Smith, or other people who are like him, talk about it. Make your voice heard.

In conclusion, there should be stricter laws against employers who neglect raising awareness among their employees about how to protect their ears from hearing loss, as a result of the excessive  usage of telephone lines at work.

We hope that your voice is heard, and that simple people get their rights, and that Image result for man suffers his earsattorneys get more aggressive in addressing this public concern. The issue did not have enough national attention yet, but many people started talking about it, coz working over-the-phone is widely spread nowadays, which means more potential hearing loss is there.

Dear 1Zumba friends, talk about it; it’s your duty to raise awareness among your people. This would conclude your session for today. Read it again one more time, over-the-phone 1Zumba friends 😉

Talk to you soon, hang on there with your special topics, till we come back with our hugs and kisses ❤

. Prevention.

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