Over-The-Phone, 1Zumba!

Updated for answering a new friend. Your comments are appreciated 🙂 7/10/2018


Can you read what’s written there for you?! Welcome back friends from the US, Russia, India, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, and Croatia! 😉 Good day our dear readers everywhere; especially from the US, the UK, Turkey, Italy, France, n Germany 😉

Hello, our dear 1Zumba friend, we hope to see you well, with all the smiles in the world!

Smith sent us a letter full of tears, and pain, related to his unfortunate disability, which was caused by his employer’s negligence. Nonetheless, he was not able to get a decent compensation from his employer, nor to have his disability at least treated, as required. He explained how his employer, ruthlessly, exploited his unawareness of his rights in protecting his ears against any acoustic hazard he is exposed to during his work, as an operator, over-the-phone, for 10 hours daily, for ten consecutive years.

Employers not only ignore the fact…

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