Unpaid 30!

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She- Let me think a little bit. 

Image result for thinkingHe- Haven’t you been thinking the whole day?
She- Yes
He- So isn’t it enough for thinking?
She- That’s the thing, before you write, first you need to think, you can’t just right anything that comes to mind and that’s it.
He- Really? I thought you’re spontaneous?
She- In a way, yes, but spontaneous means after you find your idea, your good theme, or your right ignition. Then, you’ll be spontaneous, and you’ll keep writing forever. Then, you’ll edit what you wrote as many times as you can. If you have more time, you’ll keep editing, proofreading, polishing,  recovering, and updating.
He- Oh! You better start thinking then, haha! But first, I need a small favor.
She- Sure, what is it?
He- Can you edit this letter for me pls? It’s for a prospective employee, and I’m tired of putting words together, when it comes to formal correspondence. For sure, I would appreciate some help and advice.

Image result for hire

She- Of course. Let me see, but if I did this for you, would you allow me to publish it, sharing it with our readers, without mentioning any names?

He- Sure why not? You help me, I certainly can pay it back.
She- Great! Let’s start then. Give me few moments.

(After few minutes) Here it is:

“Dear N.N.,

We are pleased to offer you a consultant position with  NoMM Inc. a subsidiary of LLO services.

Position: You will be a junior consultant.

As agreed your first day of work will be May 2nd, 2017, The following outlines the terms and conditions of this employment offer. this offer is contingent upon completion of all 

Purium® Kids Quad Pack $50 off with coupon code SAVE - shop now!employment paperwork and the credit and criminal background check/investigation.

Pay Rate: You will be paid at the rate of $25/hr, and quarterly bonus equal %25  of your total earnings.

Schedule of WorkYour scheduled hours of work are Monday through Friday 7-3:30. This is 8 hours work per day and 40 hours per week, 30 minutes unpaid lunch break. This is a fixed schedule that you have established during your recruiting process.

You may request a modification of your work schedule after 3 months of employment an  up to three times per year. Pls note that submission of request is not a guarantee that it will be approved. Requests for schedule modifications will be reviewed and approved based on business needs.

Image result for employee eat on his deskPre-hire arrangement: you have requested to have the following days off: 12/31/2017

Background Investigation: A background investigation that meets LLO requirements will be initiated once you accept this offer. HireBlue, our background investigation administrator, may contact you to obtain any needed information. Additional background investigation checks may also be required to service contracts with customers during the term of your employment.

Identity and employment verification: under the IRCA, all employers are required to verify the identity of all new employees a well as employee’s right to work within Image result for teacher correct papersthree business days of employee’s start date.

Your offer of employment is contingent on your ability to provide the necessary documentation to us in a timely manner to comply with IRCa, Information regarding completion of I-9 Form will be forwarded to you once you accept this offer.

Pls contact me if you have any question.”

He- Oh! Thank you, that was really quick. You’re super quick in reading, and proofreading. Wow!

She- I corrected everything, and it’s not a bad offer, depending.

He- Why?

She- Because the company which wants its employees to pay for 30-minutes lunch break is a cheap one in my opinion, and don’t take it personal, I know you’re an HR manager, and you’ve got to follow your company’s policy. Sorry.

He- You know, you’re absolutely right. I’m quitting! 💡

Hugs & kisses with our topics, for all of you

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