1Zumba Inspiring Ignition!

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My 1Zumba friends, you’ve been such a bless 😉 You’re adding to my special memories, thank you 😉

What is ignition? It’s the action of setting something on fire or starting to burn.

  • the process of starting the combustion of fuel in the cylinders of an internal combustion engine.
  • the mechanism for bringing about ignition in an internal-combustion engine, typically activated by a key or switch.

Then what is igniting? It’s to catch fire or cause to catch fire. It’s also to arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation). An example is: “the words ignited new fury in him”.

What is inspiring? It’s to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. A good example is: “her eagerness for traveling inspired her to prepare her plans for next year.”

How do they correlated?

In order to be inspired you need the spark that would push it forward, and cause the fire inside you. This igniting process would come to you naturally, if you have the sources for this ignition all the time. But what happens is that, sometimes, it is not there. Why? Mostly due to life matters, conflicts of facts, stress, or overwhelmed mind.

Cute! - Boy Frm bd: I Love Shoes, Bag & Boys: If your inner fire has dampened from the stress and challenges of living in today’s world,  the following inspirational methods may ignite your will again:

1) Surround yourself with people who see you as your highest and best self and light your inner light.

2)  Connect with your deeper self through creative activities that refuel your energy.

3)  Do work that is engaging and meaningful to you on a deeper level.

4) Connect to your body through your favorite exercise regimens.

5) Nurture your spirit by taking time for quiet pause.

6) Deepen your  relationships by giving voice to your feelings.

7) Actualize your dreams by taking the steps you know you need to take.

8)  Remove yourself from relationships, situations and activities that dampen your spirit and kill your fire.

9) Stop self-sabotaging behaviors, & cease self-limiting beliefs.😮

10) Care for your body with healthy food, and live life more fully and completely.

11) Expand my comfort zone by doing something new that I have always wanted to do.

12) Practice gratitude, noticing and giving thanks for all that is good.

13) Organize your place in a way that is comfortable and beautiful and reflective of who you are.

14) Embrace your personal power, knowing it is fueled by all who love me and trusting there is nothing to fear about my greatness.

15) Live a great life filled with love, health, happiness and prosperity.😎


How about the ignition itself, wouldn’t it be in need of some inspiring stimulus? 💡

Of course, with no pushing button, the ignition wouldn’t start. It’s exactly the same Smarthome Apple HomeKit 'works with' - shop now!for you, if you don’t have this person, who moves this innate flame inside you, you wouldn’t get to reach the ignition level that you need in order to be on the top, or on fire.😯

Dear, 1Zumba friend, Jane, free your mind from encumbrances, in order to be able to achieve & enjoy more. Everyone has her own battles to fight, in this complicated world, so for now, you need to focus on more important things. Let life solve others’ problems, & let no-one steal your life moments.

For now, we will say goodbye, and in few moments we will be back to chat about a very interesting story, which I could’t believe when I heard it for the first time. Love you all, stay cool, & give a big hug ❤

3 thoughts on “1Zumba Inspiring Ignition!

  1. I’m james.This is my question.
    1.Who can move this innate flame inside you?
    2.Where did your inner fire has dumpened?
    3.When do we need to focus on more important things?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All of your questions are great James. Every person is different, the one who can move this flame for me, would be someone mature, different, sophisticated, daring but delicate; someone who would amazes me every time I talk to; someone would be able to argue with me about things I consider important in life; someone has a special taste in things! 🙂


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