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Hello everyone! Nice to talk to you again. We miss you all the time. We want to talk to you 24/7 if we can, and you know that for sure.

Welcome to our pages our friends from everywhere, particularly from Canada, the US,  Kuwait, Philippines, Vietnam, Guatemala, Denmark, n Mexico 😉

Image result for New thingsAs I told earlier in our previous post, we have some news for you. Let first give you some background about it. If you’re following up with our posts for some time, I’ve been telling you that it is good to try something new. It’s good to learn, even a little piece of new info can affect your life positively, coz there will be a time, that that info would be use for your best interest.

Also, I mentioned that I am, most of the time, a teacher & a student. Continuously, I attend classes of subjects that I like, or classes that I would like to evaluate, critique, write about, or pass its exams.

For some time, I have been interested in Real Estate, and I have friends in this field, who encouraged me to get into that line, but I was so hesitant about it, coz of lack of time. Last year, I met with a number of students who complained about the difficulty of the real estate exam, or more precisely the CA license real estate exam for salespersons or brokers.

That was it! Once I heard that there was many complaints due to the strain of that exam, that was the fuel for my eagerness. I decided to start studying in order to pass the CA Real Estate exam, so I would be able to analyze the problems the students face. Then, I could find solutions for those problems.

I had to take three classes first in order to qualify for taking the CA State Exam, which I did, and I enjoyed taking them. They were full of new real estate info, with new jargon, new terminology, as if it was another language sometimes. I was able to see how students could find it difficult, coz unless you know well the English language, you would need more than a dictionary to unlock the mysteries you would be meeting while learning.

Briefly, I was able to go through the whole process successfully, passing that CA Real Estate Exam, and I started writing an e-book for students to explain to them my methods of studying & how they can plan for it.

It could have been done in shorter time, but being committed to other duties, I was able to give only part of my time to that self-assignment. It felt great to go through all of that learning, and to be a student a time after another 😯

Undoubtedly, it’s a great investment. Now, I have a new option for a new career in my life, which is working in real estate! 😉

1z-CongrtsWhat do you think, my dear 1Zumba friend, should I do that, or should I continue in the same line of writing and teaching? It’s a tough decision, especially that I have other interests as well which take time.

Help me if you had suggestions, or comments. You’re my friends, and I seek your opinions, as you seek mine 🙂

That was the Extra new news I saved to share especially with you my 1Zumba friends. I hope you’d be happy for my achievement, as I would be for yours 🙂

Thank you for being with me tonight! We’ll talk some more in  a little bit. Love you guys, and always miss talking to you 😉



  • Allied Schools for Real Estate.

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