Hmm! 1Zum!

Dear new friends and readers from Slovenia, India, Slovakia, the US, Australia, Japan, Germany, n the Philippines, thank you for coming to our pages today.

Our current and special people from everywhere, we specially welcome you, and we hope that we would be friends forever šŸ˜‰

I miss you so much my 1Zumba friend, where are you? Why don’t you communicate more often? Are you so busy? I know you are, aren’t we all the same? Looking around, I can see that is happening to everyone :mrgreen:

Anyway, we will be here waiting for you, although to tell you the truth, I stopped waiting Ā years ago. I like to be waited for not the opposite. The last time, he waited may be five whole hours! I didn’t believe that he would wait that long, but he did. I was happy that he did, coz that was his first test. He passed the test, haha!

Some music can put you on the top of the world!

The reason I’m saying this is that every time, I write while listening to music, it brings me to a completely different mood; and the product is a complete versatile kind of writing.

Woman in red shirt big headphones listening music mp3. Smiling female model on white. People leisure happiness concept.Sometimes, you’d feel me dancing in my words, as a 1Zumba friend told me, and it is true. If you are a good music listener, you’d even may guess what kind of music I’m listening to.

Music can put you in a good mood. More!

Hmm!1Zum!Talking about Yelena, 1Zumba friend, who wanted some advice. Her story began with a gloomy situation, where she was in Russia, in a small tiny town, overlooking the icy hills.

The nature was great, but it was so isolated away from inhabitants in that area.

She didn’t know a mother or a father, all what she remembered was that day, when there was a tall man holding her hand, and his hand changed into another man’s hand, who, later on, told her that he bought her, and her brother from a town auction.

That fact she learnt when she was three, but she only understood it, when she was approaching her 16th birthday. Yelena was very pretty girl, although prettiness is defined in many ways. She was handsome and soft. She was raised up to obey, and say “Yes”, and “Thank You”. Until one day, she got bored with everything around her.Ā 

Before she got bored, she felt that she didn’t achieve anything, though inside of her, there was a volcano of ambition. There was that strongly-driven will that could turn the world upside down. To that extent, she felt powerful!

We will talk more and more about it, until then, give me your kisses. I love you all šŸ˜‰





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