Two Of A Kind! 1Zum!

Thank you dear friends and readers for your time, and for visiting our pages. We hope that you’re enjoying every single word, we write carefully for you.

Our dear friends from the US, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, the UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, Hungary, & Poland, Israel, Spain, n Hungary, we owe you a big thank you, for being so loyal and eager for more. Feel free to send your comments and questions, we are here for you 😉

Today we’re in a situation, where we have plenty of options, to the extent that makes one gets some kind of paralysis, which one to go for.

But the best thing to do is to give you Question No. 48 first, then decide which way to go after that. Isn’t this easier?!  Here it is:

1Z- Q48

Sometimes things just happen, and we have to handle them, whatever they are. We do our best to come up with a balance in our lives. However, sometimes, we can do nothing to change destiny!

One of our 1ZumbaCircles’ members, Miguel GS, posted two beautiful photos; one of them had some sadness in its folding, while the other one, is subtle! I like to share them with you here:

I really appreciate how we talked about them, sharing how each one of us see them! It was kind of seeing the pictures in the eyes of someone else. It’s quite interesting. 😀

1Zumba friend asked us to tell her story, and to to ask readers their feedback, or suggested solutions. It’s not a bad idea at all, but her story is too long, and I think by the time, we finish telling it, you wouldn’t remember how it started, but we will do that. We have no problem, so long as we have her permission to do that.

We will tell you this tomorrow, coz now we have to attend to a sudden matter, but we will resume our chat in a little bit. So just keep checking on our previous posts, you’d find plenty of good stuff 😉

With our hugs & kisses ❤

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