1Z, Thirsty 4 The Extraordinary?!

Hello, Hello, and welcome to our pages. Our friends from the US, Slovenia, Philippines, India, France, Mexico, n Spain, it’s always a great pleasure to have you with us šŸ˜‰

OK! Ā Here it is!

It’s about commercials. Sometimes, I see and love the creativity in a commercial. When I love it, I just love it!

I know that every one has her/his own taste, but there is always a majority who would agree on the likeness of something if it is really good.

Our competition question No. 49, we’re glad to post today. Pay attention, although it has a photo that was posted before, however the question itself is new.

1Z- Q49

Back to talking about commercials, there is no specific rule for this. The criteria is neither white nor black; it’s rather some kind of secret combination. People work hard on coming up with colors, people, make-up, style, music, and all other elements included.

It can be a magical commercial and goes very high to the top, but it also can be the opposite. Because people can agree or disagree on what they like or dislike. May be it is similar to our eating or drinking habits, which sometimes, it is not explainable even to ourselves.

For instance, some would prefer the white wine, while others would adore the taste of the rosĆ©. There is no right or wrong in that. It’s your preferences what makes the difference. One thing we would all like and agree upon, which is having an extraordinary quality.

No, I’m lying here, coz you know what? Some people may prefer a cheap drink, and it’s considered for them an extraordinary, which would not be the same with everybody else. However, we are talking here about the norms, not the out-of-the-line people.

Anyway, Ā it’s time to show you the extraordinary commercial, that inspired us to write this article today. It came out of the blue, by the way. We intended to give you the story of our 1Zumba friend, who wanted your help and any suggested solution for her story, butĀ apparently, we will not have enough time for now.Ā 

Here it is, and pls feel free to give your comments, feedback, or questions, and we will respond to you as soon as possible:

Thank you for being with us tonight, and we will talk more in few hours, to tell you about our 1Zumba friend, Yelena, who was sold to someone.

Until then, give me your big hug, and kisses ā¤


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