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Our next question No. 50, for our competition, my 1Zumba friends, is as follows:

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I must say that our interview with Prof. Matjaž Knez will continue for part (2) today, since many of you were asking about it, although I didn’t explicitly mention that Part (2) is coming soon, or “To be continued” sign. I totally forgot to add it in our previous post, but I will add it soon.

Again, we will introduce Prof.Matjaž Knez since some of our new readers might not have read the previous interview with the Prof. yet.

1Z-MatjazMatjaž Knez is a professor at the University of Maribor from Slovenia and also a Co-founder and a CEO of Lummie Ltd. I’ve started my career at Slovenia’s biggest telecommunication operator as a marketing manager and later on moved to service development department.

I’ve gained a lot of experience from working with people from all over the world, as being a tourist guide in Egypt, Malta and France and also as a hotel manager at Slovenia seaside.

  • What is this project?

Lummie is an online platform, it works as a marketplace or a crossroads where people who want to share knowledge/skills (teachers, tutors, instructors,…) and people who want to gain new knowledge/skills (students, players …) meet. By placing listings, Lummie teachers advertise teachers knowledge/skills and by that fill Lummie teacher/knowledge offer. On the other hand, children, kids, students and also adults, choose their needed knowledge/skill from various knowledge providers.

  • How does it work?

Lummie works as an on-line platform www.lummi-e.com, a marketplace, where inquiry meets its demand.

It’s a platform for people who want to share their knowledge and skills (teachers, tutors, etc…) with people who want/need to gain new knowledge and skills (students, players etc…).

  • Why do u think that it is a good idea to use it?

The idea was to create an on-line platform which would on one side enable anyone to try themselves as teachers to share their knowledge and on the other side enable students to search and find their wanted knowledge.

Now, when a platform actually works and we see the interest created among people in this short time of “being alive”, we see that our service is a really great tool and that we came out with the idea just in the right time. Also we live in a time of “rush”, time of quick changes, time when the consolidation and optimization of our time in a sense of do just the things you have benefit of, is a platform like that very much needed.

On one hand many parents say that the school system is not as it used to be. Many of them think that it is not good enough, that a lot of knowledge is being generalized, that not much attention is given to individuals, etc.

There are a lot of reproaches that the learning programs are too packed, that professors many times rush through subjects and the latter causes a lot of learning problems for students. On the other hand parents with their busy schedules don’t have time that they would sit down with their kids, helping them with their home works or maybe even can’t handle subject material with which their child has problems.

Also, people in general wish to gain new knowledge and skills, new ways of relaxation. The population of seniors who wish to stay mentally and physically active, also useful is rising. This is one of additional reasons why I think that Lummie is a really great place for connecting all of this people in search of knowledge and skills.

Our platform does not only offer knowledge and skills from the field of school, dance, languages, but for instance also from the fields of culinary, gardening, cake decoration, furniture refurbishing, etc. Basically, you can find everything you wish to know.

  • When did u discover it?

1Z-MatjazThe idea of Lummie actually started in October 2015, just over 10 km above the ground.

I as a professor was just on my way to do one of my lectures abroad. On the plane I… well as most married men with families, started thinking about my family and at one moment remembered that when I arrive back home, I have to find someone to teach my son accordion.

While being frustrated on where to find an appropriate teacher who would teach my son individually, I also started thinking about knowledge and lifelong learning. When thinking about the necessity of constant learning, I began to think about knowledge sharing. That’s the moment when I think, I was so called illuminated!

I was thinking more and more about the idea and how to start with it, so I have put together a team of young, creative and challenge driven individuals. With their help the name and the total idea of Lummie was born.

  • What is the theory behind it?

Considering our market research conclusions, one of which is that an average family in England pays approx. 3.500 GBP for tutoring per year and for instance Forbes forecast that the tutoring market will rise up to 102, 8 billion American dollars by the end of year 2018 and also because of similar offers by some other competitors, we are very optimistic and are looking forward of the future. Currently, we as a team, work in Slovenia, but according to our offers from potential investors, which we gained quite a lot, we do not exclude moving our company abroad.

  • Why people should buy it, if it was a product.

Lummie platform solves 2 problems. First of all it enables tutors, teachers, and instructors to advertise themselves globally and free of charge. As we were told, they a lot of times have problems on where and how to advertise themselves. So, in one way we make people employed with something they know best.

Lummie also provides space where knowledge seekers find basically every type of knowledge/skill they could need and imagine. That is also our advantage, as we offer 9 categories, going from school, languages, sports to crafts and skills and the like. Also, we add new categories, based on demand as we wish to make our Lummie members maximally satisfied and happy.

Pls if you have any question about this new promising project, feel free to contact Prof Matjaž Knez.

Now, we’d say “Good Bye” for few moments, then we’d be back again, to continue our story of Yelena, the little Russian girl?!

Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses, stay cool ❤

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