1Zumba – Meet The New Star!

Welcome dear friends & readers from our great world, especially our new ones from the US, Vietnam, n the Philippines 😉

I know that you have been impatiently waiting for our post, my dear 1Zumba friend! do you know how I knew that? Coz I told you since the very beginning, I would be under your skin, but you had your doubts; so, do you believe it now? 😉


Today we have a new star in the Disney world, and when she was chosen to play that part, she had the most wonderful reaction we’ve ever seen. See for yourself 🙂

“How would you react if you found out you’d just been cast in the next Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film?

Fourteen-year-old Auli’i Cravalho was chosen from hundreds of actors to play the title character in Moana, coming to theaters November 2016.

She learned about her casting during a live callback with Ron Clements and John Musker (Moana directors and keepers of our childhoods)!

Auli’i had no idea she had been cast. Watch the directors play a sneaky trick on her to surprise her with the good news:

You’d have the chills as I did:

It’s no secret that teamwork in Disney is an essential element in succeeding all those years, so keep in mind this model, when you start your own business.

In conclusion, we congratulate the new star in Disney world, & we wish that the movie would be successful as usual for most of the Disney’s movies.

My 1Zumba friend, we will chat more soon, probably about another new star, or another new device. Just keep following up with us. Check on our earlier editions, I bet you’d find a lot of interesting materials, that you can use in many facets of your life. Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses 😉

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