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Our huge appreciation goes for our new readers from the US  , SpainSouth Korea,  Australia  , Brazil, Canada , India, n Germany  😉

As well as to all our current readers and visitors, we love to have you all with us every single day 😉

So here we go: I know I am affecting your life, and you said it yourself! In certain situations, I would come to your mind automatically, do you know why?  I simply speak exactly what you feel and what you think. Actually, I hope that there will be enough time to talk more, but for now I can’t say more, coz you are the one who needs to say more 😉

Hello my friends, I always intend to keep it short, but then, I look back I see that it already has more seven paragraphs. Is this bad? No it’s not. On the contrary, the more you try to explain things, the more accurate it would be when your audience receive it. The more you make it simple, the more people would like to read what you write. This is natural. It’s in our nature to grasp more info when it comes to us in a simple uncomplicated way, or in an entertaining presentation.

vlt4This is my own opinion. Clearance in ideas is good. Clarification of thoughts is even better. Misunderstanding could be misleading. Therefore, you need to make sure from time to time, that your readers get clearly everything you say, or most of it.

Oh, before I forget, I would like to tell you that many times, the Creator remind me that there are still good people in our world. For example, last time we were in the Zumba class, someone in the front asked me if I liked to take her spot, when I was in the back line of the class. I thanked her, and yet I didn’t know her name; I should have asked her, but she was gone after the class ended. I do thank that lady for her courtesy, n wish that everyone would have that spirit of giving. At that moment specifically, I felt that I was so blessed!

Back to our subject, if you are not sure almost a 100% of any matter whatsoever in your life,  slow down in taking your decision, until you asked all kinds of questions, and when you feel satisfied, go ahead and take your decision in the light of the answers you get. But what about if the answers were not that accurate or it came from some shady source, having no intention to help you; on the contrary, the more they confuse you, the better for them?

vlt2In this case, you need to re-assess your sources. In general, when you have some sources for your info on which you depend on most of the time, you find yourself without thinking re-using it. For example , if you use google for research matters, you would automatically go to it whenever you want to do a research about a specific topic. If you are used to Yahoo or other search engines, you would use whatever you are  used to, but if you had the least doubt about it, you should change to another searching machine. coz once you discover that your search engine is lying to you, giving you wrong info you would be doubtful every time you try to use it. It becomes unreliable method of search, and you don’t want to have that absolutely not.

When you read something, it has to make sense to you. Just use your beautiful mind and you’ll figure it out. 

For our word game, we will post a new one today,  and after few posts, it will have a link on the side bar, for those who like this kind of  word games.

That goes also for our 100 Questions Competition. Today’s question is as follows:


Remember dear 1Zumba friends, you can get ideas from anywhere you go to. It’s just out there, or inside there. Also remember that love is inspiring. It doesn’t matter who you love. Probably loving your mom, and talking to her would work for you as an inspiration. For someone else, it could be a friend, a sister, a brother, an instructor, etc….. You would feel it. You would know deep inside you that this or that person is your source of inspiration. Once you find that person, just stick to her/him 🙂  This will be your key for fulfillment and achievement 😉

Oh, I almost forgot, our 2nd Word Game:

1Zumba.com 2nd WordGame

Guys, did I tell you how much I love you? Yes, I do. I love all of you wherever you are, and we will continue our talk in a little bit, so send your comments n emails, coz this is basically our unique 1Zumba resources’ Vault 😉


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