Can You Act?

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It is kind of arduous work to get into the big screen business and to be a successful actress/actor. You might think that it is just a game and that acting is  very simple like role-play in school, but it is not.

It is not for many reasons, I mean many many many reasons 🙂

aOne opinion was given by Victor H. movie expert saying that in order to be a good actor you’ve got to be an outgoing person, and ready to imitate others even if it means that you’d get some laughter from others. He added that an actress would do anything to be in the big screen. She wouldn’t stop living a hundred of characters’ lives aiming at coming up with what the writer put on paper for that character.

V.H. added that in order for you to succeed in the movie business as an actor you’ve got to be able to connect to people, to talk to them, and to have them interested in listening to what you’re saying. Bonding and having connection with audience doesn’t stop here, you should be able to leave impression on them that would grab their attention to watch more of you. You don’t want them to watch one act and that is it.

It sounded complicated but not impossible. It takes boldness sometimes to be a good actor, where there are situations where you’d be filmed in bed or in a sexual scene. You’ve got to have it, otherwise for your behind scenes you’d need a stunt actress! 😆

Amy Adams PictureIt is not a strike of luck to be a star as you may think. For example take Amy Adams.  Now she is one of the most well-known actresses, and boy she is good.

How do you know if an actor is good or not? Sara told us that if the actor’s real character did not suppress the character he plays, he is gifted, but if his real character always repeated every time he plays a role then he is no good or Ok.

Getting to appear on the big screen and having a famous name in the entertainment business is hard and you can only get there if you are completely dedicated to your job. It is not a surprise to know that many famous actresses/actors never surface to the top except after too many years in that field. Amy Adams is a good example of that.

Amy Adams  started before 1994 but we only knew her few years ago! Between 1994 and 1998 She appeared only in small work. One of her early work, and I hope you watch it, coz it was very interesting (when you watch it you’d know why) in one episode of The Charmed in the year 1999 . It was called “Murphy’s Luck”, E 16- Season 2.

You may argue that she still speaks the same way she did many years ago, but people like her, right?

I guess that a good part of her real personality embodied in her roles, and many of you like it the way it is. So probably Sara’s opinion is arguable.

Other actors/actresses never made it to the top. They may appear in one or two movies and then disappear all together, or switch to another career due to disappointment.




. Signs of being actress.


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