You Should!

Fairy tales can happen to you if you’ve given’m a chance. Dear friends spread the news of celebrating your life with a new year 😉 Friends and readers from the US, India, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and Brazil 😉 

Many of you would tell themselves: “Oh! I used to write stories but I no longer do that, or I used to play basketball, but I no longer have time, or I used to lift weights, but the gym is far away from my place now, etc…”.

These are all excuses you make to convince yourself that you’re no longer able to do something that once brought fun and brightness to your life.

There are plenty of things in your life that used to be fun and entertaining but they are no longer there. It is not true. You imagine things and you tell yourself these excuses just being lazy to try again.

Give yourself a chance! SophieYou

Spend the first day of this year with someone you like, someone you feel happy with, or spend time with yourself alone in a place you wish to  see for some time, even if it was sitting next to a lake.

Your inspiration for this new year is just somewhere out there. It would come to you, but how about if it didn’t? You’d have a chaos year, without plans or drafts; just living the way it is. 

Well, probably you’d enjoy everything in 2018 without any planning, but on the other hand, you need to feel that you’re ready for this completely new year. One suggestion mentions that you should do five things this year: implement the 2 minutes rule, weekly meetings with yourself, strict morning routines, check emails after finishing important tasks, and keep track of your commitments. It sounds cool, but these are mostly coming from millionaires prospective. More

In case you don’t have any thoughts for what to do in the first day of 2018, you can take it easy. Of course, it’s gonna be so easy to just sit in bed with your preferred nuts, and a glass of your favorite drink, watching some old nice shows of your own. Other alternatives include going to a movie theater, attending a lunch/dinner, meet people in the gym, go ice-skating, or go to a friend‘s party or get-together.

It could be something simple but have its memory as the most splendid one since it’s going to be your first day of a new year. Do you remember where you were the first day of 2017? I bet many of you do not remember or may be do not want to 🙄

Whether you do something nice or not, and whether you’d plan for your new year or not, it is all up to you. Do what makes you happy but don’t confuse happiness with laziness.

When you feel the energy in your veins and the air in your lungs; that Ah would bring you all the thrills in the world. Just see all your beloved ones in your own mind and smile!

Ah! Dear friends we always miss you, so be with us in our New Year 2018, and let your heart dwell in happiness along with all of your special topics, with our hugs and kisses

. You should do.

. New Year Resolution.


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