May Be Fun!

Your heart is of gold, and your mind is of diamonds, it’s too hard to catch up with your sparks! 😉 Friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Sweden, India, Ecuador Austria, Jamaica, and Singapore, you are the best, thank you for being here! 😉

Having fun is an art. Is this what you believe?

Do you think it is easy to have fun? That was the question Terry, a miserable girl, asked. Steve shouted: “What’s that mean?” and he jumped into one of the computers googling her question.Qatar AirwaysIn a second it appeared on the screen a long list of answers as you see here:Google answers

However none of them really answered her question. Of course, it’s only a machine, it lacks a lot of human elements to find exactly the answer to that. 

GeekstoreIn the meantime, Lilly pointed at the words of a post about happiness, thinking that it was related to what  Terry was looking for:

Who says life is supposed to be hard/dreary/boring/predictable? We were sold the idea that our goal was to grow up, get educated, get a job, get married, have kids, work hard, buy a house, save money… And THEN after all our hard work we could retire and enjoy ourselves. Only then would our time be our own. If you decide to break from that path then people try to quickly pull you back into line. They tell you that ‘it’s not all fun and games’, that you’re too idealistic. But their view says more about how they feel about their own circumstances and limitations than it does about your reality. They can’t see that it could be different, or that it’s ok to want different. But maybe we don’t have to follow the story we were told? Maybe you can enjoy your life now. Maybe happiness isn’t something you have to earn. Maybe you’ve always been worthy of it.

So if you don’t mind, or if you do, I’m going to enjoy my life now. And I’m going to let my kids do the same. Starting with freeing them from the conventional education system and letting them enjoy their childhood however they want, not how somebody else wants them to. Maybe then they’ll grow up with a more positive outlook, knowing their life can look however they want it to. You can’t control everything of course. But why not control the things you can? Life can be what you make it. You don’t have to follow the standard plan. Do something different. Do whatever makes you happy.

Northwest Smoked Salmon

SeaBear Smokehouse







A big argument opened like fire and each one in the group had a viewpoint to those words. Do you think that you would do the same to your children having them away from school giving them a natural uninterrupted life, similar to that blogger? Not easy decision, is it?

SeaBear Chowder & SoupsOh! Lilly commented about our yesterday’s post, saying that it could be qualified for one of the reasons of not commenting by readers, since it carried a tiny paragraph about an incident that took place against a group of people. I’d say may be or may be not.

Until we chat again, immerse yourself into the depths of our topics, extract your essence of inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤

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