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Feeling guilt? Eating yourself of remorse? Why? What should you do?

Parents who decide to choose one gender over the other when it’s time for them to have babies, sometimes bring sadness and misery to their lives. It is not always the case, but one of these families was destroyed due to the wrong decision, and the father sent us his sad story, and wanted us to share it with you, so you wouldn’t fall into the same trap. Definitely, we will share it!

Before we do, have you ever thought about why do you want babies? Do you really take the time to think deeply about having babies or it is just something that happen to be an imitation for other families around you?

There are many reasons for having babies. For you, it could be:

. Just a normal reproduction process of human beings to keep our race from distinction, but if this true, then you can’t stop reproduction, you need to be devoted to this cause, and continue doing that until it is no longer possible for you to do it.SophieBabies

. To continue the existence of your family’s name. To carry on your family name. Whose family name? The father or the mother? Is there any guarantee that your child would not change his/her name when they become adults or legally independent?

. To have someone to take care of you when you get old. Old age is inevitable, and you don’t need to create another human being for this purpose. It sounds a bit selfish. Children are not insurance that matures and is ready to use when you are old. You cannot guarantee that your children will take care of you when you reach that age. Nothing is guaranteed in your world, remember?

. Love for babies. Babies are cute and adorable! You can simply find many alternatives to get access for babies through specific types of work around babies, it is not enough reason for going through all pregnancy trouble.

. To live the experience of having a baby. Well! Your life is full of limitless experiences, and you can get as many experiences as you can. Look around!

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. Have fun and give love for your kids. It is true, to get love from your own kids and to give them back your pure care and emotions is great feelings, and it could be a real good reason for having kids.

. That your parents want grandchildren. Well, you can’t just have kids to satisfy your parents, can you? Yes. It is possible, most of the time parents see things that we do not see.

. To represent your love for your partner. You can achieve that through too many other ways. The way to embody your love for your spouse can take various shapes not necessarily bringing babies to life without good calculations.

. Sometimes there is no specific reason, just seeing others happy with having babies, so you want to be like that ideal happy family. You’d think may be this is

the source of their happiness: having babies!

. That you see something that nobody else see about having babies, and it is legitimate to have children of your own. The only point that you should consider is that not to bring misery to a newly-born baby for lack of knowledge or lack of good thinking. It is going to be a human soul. Try to bring a happy soul to our Earth, coz this is what you need as well as us.

Until we talk again, go through our topics and get your instant inspiration, and always with our hugs and kisses

. Want babies?

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