Choose Your Baby?

I know it’s hard to believe, but there has been many people who said they did it. Welcome back our dear readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, India, Laos, & Russia  😉

Having a baby is a bless, right? (not always! Oh! Just kidding) But for some of you, it is important to have a girl or a boy. For some reasons related to whatever beliefs you have, or certain goals you hope to achieve. It doesn’t matter here.

What really matters that more and more people everyday say that they did it. How? Who helped them? Did they pay a lot of money to do that? Was it a guaranteed results?

If you’re interested in this subject, continue reading to know what we found out, or check on our references below.

This site told us that it is all about family balancing, and that people do that to have a balance between the sexes of the children they have.

Today, couples undergoing IVF can screen embryos to determine their sex, and transfer only those with the desired sex into the uterus for implantation. Family balancing uses pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), a technology that tests the chromosomal makeup of an embryo.

Embryos can be screened with nearly 100% accuracy, so if you are successful in becoming pregnant, you can plan for your child’s birth with complete confidence. claims that you can have the gender you want via a specific kind of food. In other words, you can do it naturally without any intervention on the part of a gynecologist or others. I actually heard that before from a friend, who believed that she was able to get a boy via a certain diet. She said that she ate those specific kinds of food during the first three months of her pregnancy.



Are there advantages and disadvantages of gender selection?

Yes, there is. We can consider the following:
. If you want to control the size of your family, to make it easier on yourself raising a small family.
. It can help in preventing the transmission of gender-related diseases to offspring.
. There could be more care and love for the gender you prefer.
. In case a child is lost, you may have a chance to get the same gender again.

As for the disadvantages, these ones were typically raised up by many:

. It is quite expensive & headache for no reason, while you’re supposed to enjoy this period of your life not to go through stress and pressure.
. Sometimes, interference with the Creator’s wish is not right. 
. It could result in miscarriage.
. It could cause unbalance in gender’s numbers.
. You would live with this for the rest of your life!

There is more to say about the different kinds and methods of doing that before or after conception, but this will be for tomorrow. 

Until then, stick around, and here’s our kisses & hugs for all of you ❤


. Success Stories.


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